Pretty Pin Cushion




This morning I am wishing desperately that I could sew, giving me an excuse to purchase one of these darling linen pin cushions.  Each is crocheted by hand in Surrey, England and the colorful selection is almost overwhelming.  What a sweet gift for the seamstress in your life!

10 comments on “Pretty Pin Cushion

  1. Kirby

    how wonderful! I have a handful of seamstress in my life that would be smitten with one of these!

    thanks for sharing!

    xx Kirby

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Stephanie — Thank you! You’re too sweet!

    Ludmila — Love pink & grey as well : )

    Kirby — I actually thought of you when I saw these. Such a cute little gift for a fashion designer…

    Sylvie — I think you need one : )

  3. ashtondene

    Umm, I so wish I could sew as well — I’m pretty sure I could design a whole sewing area around the adorable that is those pin cushions!

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