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I don’t know about you, but I find these figurative paintings by Tastes Orangey to be perfectly lovely.  I just adore how they have been sewn onto their mat, such a creative touch, no?  Today I relate to the girl at bottom burying her head in pillows.  With the move two days away things are more than a bit hectic in these parts.  I can’t wait to be in Hawaii (honeymoon bliss) and regain my  sanity!

12 comments on “Tastes Orangey

  1. EMILY

    These (oil?) paintings are so sweet. Reminds me of Alex Katz a bit. His work makes me weak in the knees.
    Very cute; thanks for sharing. And no stress- ALL GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING FOR YOU! x Emily

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Emily — Thank you! I love Alex Katz too! I am actually in the midst of sorting through everything from my old apartment (it’s been in storage for two years) and came across two books on Katz brimming with pictures of his paintings just this morning! So happy!

    Dancing Branflake — Appreciate that you noticed their intimacy. Love that.

  3. Kate

    These are beautiful… they’re so suprisingly lifelike. In an odd sort of way!

    Honeymoon bliss will be here before you know it!


  4. Olga

    I adore these!
    That second one really captures a wonderful moment that could otherwise be hard to describe with words.
    I agree, intimate, but casual.

  5. Sarah@goingstarfishing

    i’ve been TOTALLY out of touch but am SO excited for you that the big day is almost here.
    you are going to be THE. MOST. BEAUTIFUL. BRIDE.
    that pixie cut? i. die.
    all your details. love love love.
    i hope you enjoy every. single. second. of the day!

    (can you PLEASE send me your new address to my email?)

    have fun!
    (and, i CANNOT believe what a good blogger you’ve been, just days before your WEDDING, when i’ve been SUCH a slacker. shame.)


    (and address, please).

  6. Colleen @inspiredtoshare

    These are great – I love the vulnerability. Hang in there in these last few days they will be so worth it!! You’re creating so many memories to look back on the craziness of this time. Thinking of you Katie! xoxoxo

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