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The new fall J.Crew catalog is out and these images from the “Simply Iconic” spread made my heart flutter.  I just love all those whites with tiny pops of red, khaki, tortoise, and plaid.  Now, whether to be daring and wear red nails in the wedding on Sunday….?

21 comments on “Iconic Indeed

  1. Amy

    These are gorgeous!

    P.S. I think red nails are timeless. Clear and red are the two nail colors that absolutely do not go out of style. (But go for a nice bluey red instead of an orangey one.)

    In related news: Yay! You’ll be beautiful! HAPPY WEDDING!!!

  2. D. @ Outside Oslo

    I know, it’s so hard to know what to do! On one hand, one wants to everything to be perfect on a classic level so that the wedding photos age as gracefully as the bride, but on the other hand, the moment is important and the bride should feel like the most beautiful woman in the room.

    So, don’t sweat it–either way they’ll look great. After all, he’s in love, you’re in love, and that’s what it’s all about!

  3. Joanna

    I love the look of red nails. It adds instant chic to any outfit. You’ll be beautiful on your wedding day, no matter what!

  4. Corinna

    WOWIE! SUNDAY?! oh what a happy period of your life!! i wish i could be a bride all over again, and learn my lesson to relax and pamper myself more! HAVE FUN! you’ll be classic and a beautiful neo-trad!

  5. the brunette

    legitimately DYING for tortoise rimmed glasses.

    and for the nail polish, my current favs are boat house & fifth avenue from essie. both bright and flattering :)

  6. Leslie

    Go red please! Short and dark is Tres chic and way more lovely than the french manicure. I do not know why brides do acrylic french tips–that look just screams cheap stripper!

  7. stephanie

    go for the red nails! i wish i’d gone for my something blue (turquoise) shoes when i got married… this was years and years ago… instead of listening to my (lovely) mother.

    have a happy day sunday! xoxo

  8. Brandi

    These styles are so charming. The messy meet smart look is so tempting. And those red nails add that pop of daring that really makes you want to hang out with this girl.

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