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Plucky Pioneer No. 16


Morning loves!  I’m so excited to be reigniting the Plucky Pioneer series today with the oh-so-charming Southern Proper.  I have long admired the company’s selection of preppy chic aesthetic and their Town & Country inspired fall campaign (pictured above) left me weak in the knees.  Founded by friends Emmie Henderson Howard and Reagan Howell, the company sells an array of southern-inspired clothing, bow ties, neckties and accessories.  Without further ado, here’s Emmie!


And she’s off!


It’s almost that time—I fly out tomorrow for nine days in New York!  While I’ll miss Alfred dearly, I’m beyond excited to be headed back to my old turf.  I’ll be spending three days in Manhattan meeting some of my design idols (pray I don’t faint…) and then am headed to the Adirondacks with my beautiful friend Jane Lilly Warren of Lox Papers for her three-day-wedding-extravaganza!  Scott and Jane are two of my favorite people in the entire world and I’m absolutely tickled to be a bridesmaid.  I’ll be blogging intermittently next week, but for all the details you can follow my adventures via tweet-o-gram.


Neo-Trad of the Week

Name, Age, Location

Ashlyn Lovejoy (traveling in Africa, above), 23, New York, NY

My cliff-note autobiography…

I was born swimming in the waters and skiing in the mountains of New York and Colorado with my two older brothers and two younger sisters. High school was fine, but college was amazing. There, I met the loves of my life: my girlfriends! Boys may come and go (and one may even stick around for the long haul, though I have yet to find him), but there’s no one to gossip, share every little secret, and drink margaritas with like your best girlfriends. Now, I work for the contemporary furniture and design company West Elm in Brooklyn, maintain my blog Plan The Day (, and freelance for designers.