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My name is Katie and I’m a design book addict.  A couple of months ago I found this massive lucite, glass and chrome coffee table on Craigslist for $60 (I know, find of a lifetime!) and love that it accommodates six stacks of books on top and six below.  I still have multiple stacks elsewhere (it’s a disease!), but this keeps my collection somewhat tidy.  Anyway, thought I’d share a few iPhone snaps of my trinkets and such.  We’re still hunting for a sofa (and desk, and bookshelves), but I’m in no rush.  Rooms that are decorated over time have more soul, don’t you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. Some of my most treasured: Flair Annual 1953, Allure by Diana Vreeland, photography books by Richard Avedon, Karl Lagerfeld and David Bailey, Tony Duquette, Happy Times by Lee Radziwill, Michael Smith’s Houses, Goodbye Picasso, Billy Baldwin Decorates, David Hicks: Designer, Vogue Living, museum/gallery publications collected on my travels…

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  1. Lena

    That coffee table is incredible, and your book collection is even better! My mom’s degree is in historical costume design, which seems to require a massive collection of design books, too! The Erte books were always some of my favorites.

  2. Brandi

    Katie, the table was a fantastic find, but the books really make it (I’m a huge fan of books, no matter what type they are). I can imagine how often you must look at your table and squeal with delight — it is a design addict’s dream.

  3. MissAllaby

    Love this!! I too am a book addict and my dad and I are working on the design for some old school, ceiling high shelves for my den. I’m holding out for a library ladder…

    PS terribly late in sending congratulations on your recent wedding! Hope it was a magical day

    PPS picked up a pair of brass birds at a thrift shop last week. Thought of you.

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Brandi — Thanks love! It does make me a very happy camper : )

    Mackenzie — You’re too sweet! I found the tusk (which has a fantastic lucite base) at the Hollywood flea market this summer. It reminds me of the pair on Miles Redd’s living room mantle. Needless to say, I had to have it!

    Miss Allaby — A library ladder…swoon! A girl after my own heart! Thank you for your well wishes! The birds sound divine : )

  5. michelle @ pretty mommy

    Super Duper Gorgeous!! Totally Jealous – unfortunately with a toddler roaming around I could never have this lovely tablescape!! Congrats again and looks like you had an amazing honeymoon!!

  6. Rachel

    I love these pictures! I love books too (I’m actually a book editor), and one of my most favorite things to do when I go to someone’s home aside from see them is to look at their bookshelves or stacks of books. You just learn so much about someone. So thanks for this vitual tour of yours! Love it, and your coffee table is fab!

  7. kate

    I totally have that black and cream patterned box on my coffee table! I’m looking at it right now. Where did you get yours? I found mine at TJ Maxx for 15 bucks. I’m envious of your lucite coffee table! Score!

  8. a lovely being

    oh katie, it’s beautiful! and seriously– shocked that the table was only $60. insane! judging by your coffee table, I just know that your apartment is going to be in an editorial.. such talent : )

  9. keely

    could this be any more perfect! that table is certainly a steal of a lifetime… its gorgeous! i love love love your table styling, maybe its because we have a few very similar items ;)

  10. Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors

    Indeed, quite a find. I, so identify with your love of design books. Billy Baldwin, Allure Diana Vreeland, who become a mentor and a life long ally of mine in the design world.
    Love, “Happy Times.” Both Jackie and Lee had amazing taste. On book, I did not see
    “A House in Good Taste.” By the first lady deciracter. Who literally, torn down all the velvet curtains and the world to flowery chintzes and beautiful bright color. Of CID couste

  11. Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors

    P.S. Another problem with my new and soon -to-replace iPhone 4. It appears, to have a mind of it own… Before, I could spell check or truly half the words one puts on paper are not to be since!! Hopefully, getting ACK to go
    to Boston… To get a new one or restore my 3G S!!

  12. Katie Armour Post author

    Michelle — But you have a toddler, of which I am so very jealous! So precious! I can’t wait to be a mommy : )

    Rachel — Totally agree on reading people based on their bookshelves. A book editor?! Care to trade lives??

    Kate + Catherine — Of course you notice the pug. Yeah, he’s pretty cute.

    Gwen — So happy to hear from you! I’ve been the one ridiculously out of touch! Can’t wait to catch up on Ragland Hill Social now that we’re back from the honeymoon : )

    Kate — We must be soul mates, I snatched mine up at TJMaxx too! Total score right? It always gets compliments : )

    Fallon — You are very sweet. We’ll see, I need to get seating first.

    Hi Haydee!! Being married is SO awesome. I’ve missed reading your lovely blog. Will get to catch up tomorrow! xx

    Keely — Love that we have similar tastes. Not surprised at all! Hope you’re enjoying your summer love!

    Maureen — I feel your iPhone wows, no worries. Mine has a mind of it’s own at times too. I love “A House in Good Taste”! It’s somewhere among the stacks of smaller books waiting for bookshelves. We have so many common inspirations, love that : )

  13. Lauren

    I believe that your coffee table and my bedroom would be very good friends. I adore all of the stacks of books and Vogues that I have around my room as well as the many trinkets that sit next to them or on top of them. My mother lovingly calls my style that of “organized clutter.”

  14. Katie Armour Post author

    Lauren — “Organized clutter” is the story of my life! Love the thought of stacks of Vogue bedecked with trinkets! I have about fifteen lucite magazine holders containing my glossy collection. It’s getting out of hand… xx

  15. EMILY

    that, my friend, is quite the coffee table. I love it.
    you would adore this store in my hometown, The Dovecote- it has a set up just like your actual table; books piled high, bronze busts of tigers, lovely flowers and delicious scents! I’m on the prowl of a chair and some end tables… perhaps I should consult craig’s list! x Emily

  16. paula

    It’s gorgeous! Love the layered look, but havent been able to accomplish it myself. Can’t believe it was only $60!

  17. Chedva

    Beautiful – I absolutely adore lucite, and it’s perfect with the rug’s pattern and all the colors of the books. Coffee table books are the best, I just got Sister Parish Design and can’t wait to flip through it.

  18. Vivian

    Ohhh Katie! This is an eye candy post of a post! Love love love all the book and knick knacks and that STEAL of a coffee table! I say take your time with decorating. We lived with NO SOFA for 8 months because I hated DH’s ugly sofas. Finally I love what we ended up with.
    I don;t have that many books yet, but some of my faves are from Kelly Werstler and MKA Olsen’s Influence.
    OK – I’m off to Craigslist now!

    xx Vivian @

  19. Stephanie

    Love it Katie! The books, the table – you never cease to inspire us, sweetie! I have SO many books that need a home… mulling over a few different ideas …

  20. designstiles

    First of all, I can’t believe these pictures were taken with an iPhone. You must have the new one.
    Amazing book collection
    Lucite for 60 bucks – score!
    Area rug – fab
    cute little pup sneaking into the pic – 100% cuteness.
    and love the little box on the right hand side.

  21. Vanessa

    Katie – total score on the coffee table!!! I absolutely love the design of it! I am inspired now to hunt down a coffee table like it to display my design book collection…btw fantastic pics with the iphone!

  22. Frances

    I am dying. It is so beautiful! Sometimes I put books on the ground but Yoda just tries to eat them. Alfie is so civilized. I can’t wait for more shots of your new apt- keep them coming! xx

  23. Piper

    I can’t believe you got that table for $60!!! Talk about a find of the century!! It’s awesome :) I wish I could stack books like you have and make it look good – for some reason mine always just look like, well, stacks. Seriously drooling over your design book collection right now…

  24. mariel

    This is exactly what a coffee table should look like! I especially adore the trinkets displayed on top. Filing this under inspiration for my own coffee table (yet to be purchased – no car in NYC makes it difficult). I’ll be chronicling my own drawn out apartment decoration process on my blog -slow and steady wins the race when it comes to decor, definitely.

  25. Jenny

    Fabulous! My books are all put away so the little one doesn’t destroy them, we are in the middle of full toddler destruction mode – LOL! I’m also loving Alfred peeking in the picture- too cute!!!!

  26. Decor Arts Now

    Hi Katie
    I know this is an “old” post but I just saw it due to very limited screen time cause of a bad neck!! (now back in action with my new Ipad!,)
    It is hilarious . I am a design book addict too!! What does that make us, members of DBAA?
    I just got Slim Aarons it is a wonderful life( the old one). And the first Vogue people places and gardens for my b-day from Larry!

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