17 comments on “Talbots’ New Look

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Kate — I know, right? I love their new fresh face!

    Dancing Branflake — One of my very favorite colors too, you have great taste : )

  2. Corinna

    i walked past yesterday and had to do a double-take at their great window displays! bye bye frumpy mom pants to some sleek (perhaps less-so than J.Crew) new looks!
    i love their 3/4 sleeve leopard print coat!

  3. Sarah

    Definitely referential of J.Crew’s old marketing (just like Ann Taylor & Loft!) But the looks are great. Gotta love classic pieces you can turn to again and again.

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    So glad you ladies approve of Talbots’ new look as well! Funny you mentioned the J.Crew similarities—they actually used a former J.Crew model in their campaign this past spring. I recognized her right away, just a coincidence? I think not. xx

  5. Kate E

    So funny! I went to Talbots today and cleaned up! They were having 50% already reduced prices it was AMAZING!


  6. Emily

    Oh I love the looks. My mother works for the corporate office. just WAIT until you see the winter collection. it’s amazing!

  7. Vanessa

    Oh my how they have come a long ways!!! In high school we used to call it “Pasadena Mom Wear” but now it’s super cute with lots of little flair!

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