The Eloise Suite




Did you know the Plaza Hotel has a special suite decorated in honor of Eloise?!  The six-year-old girl inside me just squealed with delight!  The suite was decorated by the eccentric, pink-crazed designer Betsy Johnson and will cost you a pretty penny (starting at $995 a night).  My favorite detail?  They’ve included petticoats and tutus in the closet for dress up!

7 comments on “The Eloise Suite

  1. Lauren

    My sweet baby niece is named Elloise (yes, with 2 L’s)! I just MUST bring her here someday when I have that pretty penny to spend.

  2. Bailey@peppermintbliss

    Ummm yes I DID know that…but I had not seen the pictures yet! FREAKING OUT, would it be weird to stay in it…by myself…when I go to NYC for my very adult wedding dress fitting? Cause I’m gonna.

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