Crushing on Simon Filip




I’m in absolute awe over the portfolio of nineteen-year-old Simon Filip.  His whimsical images have a Alice in Wonderland vibe that leaves one feeling light on their feet.  The native Californian is selling prints of his work to save up for “a fairly big project” which will require “some money for traveling and camera equipment.”  Cheers to the young man’s talent and entrepreneurial spirit!  Support Simon’s adventures here

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8 comments on “Crushing on Simon Filip

  1. CEO

    Lovely… these photos are great……. I am always amazed by all of your wonderful finds….. Hope you are enjoying newly married bliss


  2. Chloe

    Weird… I know that girl! I’m a fan of her band (The Honey Trees) and I just love her style.

    love your blog! I look at it all the time for inspiration.

    Thank you!

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