The Collection




I always love the photo shoots for the J.Crew “Collection” pieces because the poses and styling are a bit more high fashion than usual.   This fall’s funky mix of Mongolian lamb fur, “drapey” silk and grandfather tweeds does not disappoint.  Now if only I could pull off that feather hat…

6 comments on “The Collection

  1. Karyn

    It almost makes me think I could just throw on a bunch of stuff, any thing from my closet, as long as it was layered and mismatched, and be adorable.

  2. Kiri Woods

    so Disapointed in jcrew for the fall- Jenna has let me down. Not at all into the grunge thing- nothing is new/fresh- photos are awesone but in reality the store is flat! would love the lambie vest if it didnt make me look like a 2 ton tessie/sumo.

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Karena — Glad you like them : )

    Karyn — Wouldn’t that be nice?? I would end up looking ridiculous and yet, they somehow pul it off!

    PVE — Cornucopia, such a great word! And yes, I love the variety of textures too!

    Kiri — I think it really depends store to store as well. When we were in Hawaii I ducked into a J.Crew for a moment and it was a bit of a dud and the interiors were less than inspiring. I’m really loving the “Edie Beale Goes to Girl Scout Camp” theme for fall though! Agree to disagree : )

  4. marni

    love these looks!!! cozy colors and textures, so inviting! and yes,i think you should def. try that hat!

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