French ABC’s




How charming are these vintage French alphabet prints?  Hailing from the 1930’s, they have been meticulously restored and reproduced by a smart girl named Ellie in London.  I would love the “K for kakatoes” (that’s cockatoo, mind you…).  Not to mention they would be just darling in a nursery!

17 comments on “French ABC’s

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Caitlin — Indeed, they would make the cutest of gifts!

    Lena — I wish! I studied French for years Stateside and abroad and have lost so much of it already. It’s truly tragic. In fact I just received an email from my French host sister in Paris asking for wedding photos for her and her mother. Love them : )

  2. plaisirs simples

    i’ve seen these!!!!! i think they might have been in domino or something….absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them. great way to keep a children’s room CHIC…..too many bad/cheesy nursery’s out there!

  3. Elle

    Wow those are stunning… as you’re browsing around for wonderful vintage prints keep your eye out for some great vintage anatomy prints for my study… now that I’m in medical school I have a deep seated desire to hang one on my wall :) How is married life? Is the hubby enjoying law school?

    Are you loving the bay area? We just can’t get over how fabulous the weather is… far better than the triple digit heat texas is experiencing!

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Elle — So glad you’re enjoying San Francisco thus far! It’s funny to hear you rave about the weather because we’ve been complaining about how unreasonably chilly it is for summer! How is medical school going? John’s law school orientation begins Monday—how time flies! xo

  5. Brandi

    I saw these at Terrain (one of the Anthro stores) when I visited — I couldn’t tell if they were French or Italian (I took Spanish in high school). I had hoped for Italian, but they’re just as pretty now that I know they’re in French. Especially after I finished Julia’s My Life in France and am now itching to go. I’m so happy your back — are you settling into everything out there? I should be up in your neck of the woods in a few months; I’ve been meaning to see San Fran.

  6. Ellie

    Wow, thank you for such a lovely write up and post! Its been lovely discovering and exploring your site. Regards, Ellie! (ps I am currently working on Harry Potter and staring at Hermione’s face all day long, so amazing to see her with short locks!)

  7. designstiles

    I’ve been crushing on Flamingos for at least two years now, so my eyes were happy when I scrolled down to see the Flamingo print. Nursery came to my mind too.

  8. megan

    so…did martha stewart knock her off or visa-versa? I have these exact cards A thru Z in my daughter’s nursery that i found at michael’s. the only difference…animal names are in english. interesting…

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