Girl Crush


Today’s girl crush is sixteen-year-old Thea captured by The Sartorialist on the sidewalks of New York.  Scott said he took her photo because he thought she’d be a good fashion role model for his own daughters.  How sweet!  How did you dress when you were sixteen?  If only I’d been half as chic as Thea…

17 comments on “Girl Crush

  1. Starr

    I saw this a couple days ago as well and loved her. I was a product of the 90’s as a 16 year old – and even now as a 30 year old, I still want to achieve that simple chic! Bravo Thea!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Kate — YES! I should have saw it on your blog, I’m sorry–so out of touch ugh! Luckily today I have time to play catch up! I’ve missed everyone’s posts!

    Starr — I’m with you! 24 wishing I had the 16-year-old’s style : )

  3. Lauren

    I was showing this exact image to my mom last night and I described it nearly word for word as you did. I adore this girl! I wish I had been half as stylish as her!

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Elizabeth Rose — Catalina!! hahaha xoxo

    Jenn — It’s okay, me neither!

    Lauren — Hope your mom loved it as much as we do. She’s cute as pie.

  5. Dancing Branflake

    What I also love is Scott’s description of her and how at first he was hesitant to feature her then realized she was such a great example to all teenagers on fashion and how to dress. Ohhh… I see a blog post coming on this on Dancing Branflakes!

  6. Sarah Ellen

    Katie — She is so precious! Who is Thea, anyway? Is she famous? Or was she just spotted in New York looking chic?

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