Riding in Style




Someday I am going to live in Europe again and when I do, I’m going to buy myself a vespa to go with one of these stylish helmets by Les Ateliers Ruby.  Sold at France’s chicest boutique, Colette, the helmets are a fashion statement all on their own.  Can’t you picture yourself speeding down the Rue de Rivoli donning one of these pretties?  Le sigh!

13 comments on “Riding in Style

  1. Piper

    Oh the blue and white polka dot is so cute – just rode my bike the other day and realized I’m in need of a helmet!! Le sigh indeed :)

  2. samantha

    Ok, maybe I’ll wear a helmut next time dad. These are too cute. Wish they had these when i was constantly being forced to wear one

  3. Olga

    Great idea, but Paris is full of crazy drivers! I love my Vespa, but I never leave behind my full-face helmet for the sake of keeping my face in one piece! :-)

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