Crushing on Christina





My friend Ashley’s blog is impeccably curated and the addition of these Christina Henderson photos was no exception.  Published in the LA Times, the accompanying interview is fantastic as well—did you know the Mad Men bombshell plays the accordion?  Unexpected and somehow, hopelessly cool.

15 comments on “Crushing on Christina

  1. Lauren

    Okay, first you posted about that little girl and now Christina?! Our brains must be currently aligned. I have recently become obsessed with her. I just finished Mad Men seasons 1-3 (in 4 days… I need a life) and Joan Holloway is quite possibly my favorite character! I am so glad to finally have a more full figured (and GORGEOUS) woman to look up to. Also, the episode where she is playing the accordion for her husband and his work colleagues made me want to go out and learn how to play it too. Okay, enough of my rant on how much I love her!

  2. Jenny

    She is just flawless, love her! I did a post about a year ago wishing I could be so lovely. And I don’t even watch Mad Men *gasp* – LOL! Beautiful images, thank you so much for sharing!

  3. jordan

    ugh her eyes look a-mazing. it would be nice if i could just do that to myself before i go out tonight…never gonna happen! ha

  4. amy

    Heaven! CH is just another reason that I will always stay a redhead. No one else could have played the role of Joan Holloway.
    And I’ve been semi-obsessed with the accordion ever since reading The Book Thief. Now I love her all the more!

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