J.Crew + The Romantics







Remember how I said I was looking forward to the upcoming film The Romantics?  Well apparently J.Crew is too!  They’ve just uploaded a new photo shoot and behind-the-scenes video with the movie’s adorable cast members.  They all seem to have such chemistry, don’t you think?  I can’t take the cuteness!

15 comments on “J.Crew + The Romantics

  1. Meagan

    So I know I just got married but…I’m in love with Adam Brody, especially because of that picture above. I mean…what’s not to love about him!?!!!!!

  2. Lena

    Make all that adorable stop! This is such a terrific shoot! Don’t you wish J.Crew would dress and style you and all your buddies for the afternoon?

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Blue Hydrangea — Thank you! Aren’t they such hams for the camera? I love it!

    Kate — I know, I know…

    Meagan — It’s okay, I “love” Adam Brody too. Such a crush.

    Lena — Yes! That would be amazing. Our very own J.Crew photo shoot…sigh.

  4. BB Wooten

    That is one beautiful set of folks right there. Those sequins aren’t hurting anything either. I’m dying over Katie’s brown beaded dress…

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