Everybody Loves Pugs



Call me obsessed (okay, so maybe a little…), but I just love when I’m looking at old photographs and suddenly spot a pug.  At top is Jackie Kennedy with Thomas, her sister Lee Radziwill’s pug, and below, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor with some of their many pugs.  I’m convinced they would have gotten along with my little Alfred just swimmingly!

(image 1, image 2)

12 comments on “Everybody Loves Pugs

  1. Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

    My pug, Lily (aka Lily of the Manor) is FABULOUSLY all pug. She’s sooo smart … I love it when she listens to my every word, turning her head to the right, then the left (no one else pays THAT much attention!). She sleeps at my feet in my studio while I’m working. She’s all girl and has a little pink tutu. If I hold up a treat and say “dance” she’s stand up on her hind legs and turn in circles. (I have the pics to prove it!) What can I say? Adorable.;)

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Sandy — That is adorable!!! Perhaps someday Lily and Alfred can meet! I’m sure he’d be smitten : ) I’m afraid he’s not was well behaved as your little Lily though. He’s a bit of a wild pup, our little guy…

  3. Stacey

    If I didn’t have my 90 lb.yellow lab, Charlie, I would definitely have a pug. They are just adorable. We were on vacation last week and Charlie made friends with a little pug at the beach – they were joined at the hip and hysterical together. Great photos!

  4. pve

    I have a dog wish list. love a pug, a king charles spaniel and a the list goes on. I need nine lives to have one of each.(at a time)

  5. Teresa

    I’m convinced they would have gotten along with little Alfred just smilingly :D.
    Pugs are very cute and royal looking as they always seem to stand there deep in their thoughts while people are dogging around and somehow due to that standing atitude they always look cute on photos “Ok, Alfred, here we go. Smile to Mum and don’t move” and he doesn’t LOL

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