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These glamour shots by photographer Corrie Bond have me itching to go on a road trip.  We’re toying with the idea of Austin for Christmas.  We love nothing more than to hop in the car (iPhones brimming with NPR podcasts) and take off somewhere new.  What about you—ever been on a road trip?  Where do you recommend?

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  1. Lauren

    Our family seems to have no concept of transportation apart from cars. From Colorado we have been road tripping to Lake Tahoe every year since I was 6 weeks old. We also have taken road trips to New Mexico, Arizona, Gulf of California, Southern California, up the 101, and I have heard rumors that we road tripped to Canada but alas I was in the womb.

  2. Could I Have That?

    Road trips are the best. Especially when its just you and your main man. Love making good mixes and stopping in odd towns. so much fun. I’m driving to Sun Valley for Christmas from Santa Barbara—we’ll have 4 drivers so travel scrabble will be put to use.

  3. Lena

    John and I are planning a little trip to Big Sur/Carmel soon; he’s never been and I’m itching to take him! As much as I love road trips, John usually ends up nauseous and sleeping…

  4. BB Wooten

    My husband and I are taking a quick trip down to Austin in a month or so for a concert. This time around we’re staying at the Driskell b/c it’s just a few blocks from the venue, but I love the San Jose Hotel most. I think it represents the best part of young Austin. There’s few things better than drinks in their courtyard.

    If you’re interested, I have a post of my favorite Austin spots here:

  5. Brandi

    I’m ready to go too. All I have to do is pack my bags and I’m good. Ooh, and we’d need snacks too, but that’s my area of expertise. I’d make it a rule that we have to wear giant poofy dresses though. Can you imagine what fun that would be?

  6. amy

    YES! Come to Austin, dahling. Hubs and I have lived here for nine years and we LOVE it. I also recommend Hotel San Jose, or Hotel Saint Cecilia (they are both owned/operated/designed by the same folks).

    There are TONS of wonderful things to do here:
    I’ll list a few of my favorite things, and perhaps I’ll come back later and post more….
    1. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
    2. The Blanton Museum (in particular the contemporary/modern art wing)
    3. Bookpeople
    4. Waterloo Records (just across the street from Bookpeople)
    5. South Congress in general — lots of fabulosity: shopping, food, etc.

  7. Martina

    I’ve been wanting to drive up north to Canada (BC) for a while. Also, Montana and Wyoming. And despite the two years I lived in NY, I never drove through New England. Hopefully someday soon…
    Austin sounds like a great idea. Especially if you get to drive through NM.

  8. michelle @ pretty mommy

    Austin’s the best ;) Second the San Jose or St Cecilia’s…great to be on South Congress – you can pretty much shop, eat, and drink at all the best places without getting in your car (that doesn’t happen very often in TX!)

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