Anna Dello Russo




I can’t help but admire the decadence of these images taken at the Milan apartment of Vogue’s Anna Dello Russo.  The monogrammed bag at top may well be the chicest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on and the VOGUE spelled out in jewels—be still my heart!  The woman’s passion for art and fashion simply oozes from every shot.  Bravo Tommy, bravo.

(via Julia.)

9 comments on “Anna Dello Russo

  1. kelly ann

    the second photo is in my favourites folder on my computer. :) i just love it… i wish i could find it bigger, it would so be my desktop background! i want that bag, too. ;)

  2. pve

    Well if I had an apartment in Milan it would be chocked full of chic too.
    But of course it would. There would be a bag with pve in green crocodile and a chandelier with some sort of frothy dress….and something spelled out with my jewels. It would be in Italian.

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Gwen — Great to hear from you! I’ve been equally busy/distracted. Hope Lucy is enjoying her summer! xoxo

    PVE — I don’t doubt it for a second. Love your comments, they make my day. xx

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