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Though it’s received some criticism for historical inaccuracy, I’m eagerly awaiting the History Channel’s Kennedy mini series starring Katie Holmes.  I think she looks darling in Jackie’s trademark pillbox hat and if nothing else, the series will certainly be a fashion dream.

(images: Daily Mail)

12 comments on “Katie as Jackie

  1. Happenstance

    Agreed! The fashion will be great. Not so sure about Katie as Jackie though. She looks like her but I’m really hoping the acting will be up to par as well.

  2. ashlina

    is it funny that the minute i saw these photos of her on Enews, i thought of you! somehow, i knew this was right up your alley. this movie should be fabulous visuals for Jackie. xo

  3. Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors

    When I first was looking at the photo’s, it’s amazing how Katie Holmes, has perfected Jackie Kennedy. I, totally agree with the comments before me… I don’t know how her acting will be…I certainly, feel she may have a
    difficult time with Jackie’s voice… Yet, it should make for a very interesting show.

  4. EMILY

    Curiousity has the best of me; that’s for sure. Ms. Holmes She’s quite good. I do kind of wish it was the woman who played Jackie in HBO’s Grey Gardens though (her name is escaping me.) Jeannie Tripplehorn? I hope you are well! x Emily

  5. Teresa

    Yes, let’s delight on the fashion and the rare evocations of Jackie herself. Though even by the photos dear Katie (not ours: YOU) will make us miss (and admire) Jackie even more :sigh: – wrong head manners, those legs always seemeing to dance a different tune from the arms, Katie managed to look serious (even angry) without frowning and Kate can’t – no, KatieHolmes (as sweet as she is) is no Jackie material… but then the resemblance was too strong to pass, I guess.
    Have a Nice Day!

  6. Teresa

    Oh I meant Jackie didn’t frown when getting serious or angry and Katie can’t resist it, adding a sterneness expression that ruin Jackie’s “Royal” one

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