Channeling Grace



Each time I see this spring/summer 2010 Ferragamo campaign starring Claudia Schiffer my knees go weak.  Doesn’t the soft Mediterranean light and timeless glamour just scream Grace Kelly in Monaco?  It’s no surprise the mastermind behind the shoot was fashion favorite Mario Testino.  Stunning!

11 comments on “Channeling Grace

  1. quintessence

    Yes, lovely – and Grace-like. My favorite movie of all time is To Catch A Thief. And speaking of Ferragamo – have you seen the Fall 2010 line? They have a new designer – it’s terrific.

  2. Joanna

    Mario Testino does have a knack for creating outrageously beautiful photographs. I wish he–and some great lighting–could follow me around all day.

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Brooke — Anytime love ; )

    Agnes — Ahhh butter, perfect description!

    Quintessence — I have seen the fall collection! Another fantastic ad campaign too! To Catch a Theif never gets old. Perhaps I’ll watch it this evening : )

    Joanna — Wouldn’t that be lovely!? In our dreams…

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    CEO — Love that they inspire you! I wish I could see what else is on your board! xx

    Kelly Ann — Elegant is the perfect word for it!

    Stephanie — I’m with you, she looks divine, doesn’t she!?

    Ashleigh — She almost fooled me too ; )

  5. Jenny

    I loved this ad campaign – that bottom image is so amazing. I met her many, many years ago when she was with Guess at our mall. I have her autograph somewhere.

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