And she’s off!


It’s almost that time—I fly out tomorrow for nine days in New York!  While I’ll miss Alfred dearly, I’m beyond excited to be headed back to my old turf.  I’ll be spending three days in Manhattan meeting some of my design idols (pray I don’t faint…) and then am headed to the Adirondacks with my beautiful friend Jane Lilly Warren of Lox Papers for her three-day-wedding-extravaganza!  Scott and Jane are two of my favorite people in the entire world and I’m absolutely tickled to be a bridesmaid.  I’ll be blogging intermittently next week, but for all the details you can follow my adventures via tweet-o-gram.

What are your weekend plans my loves?  Anything I must see in New York?  Miss you till Monday! xx


19 comments on “And she’s off!

  1. Brandi

    Do have one very splendid trip to NYC — there’s so much to do here. Though I’ll be glad to go west again, I will very much miss these restaurants and events. I’m going to try and get out to a few more over the next two weeks.

  2. Liz Morten

    The DUMBO Flea market! Sloan Kettering thrift shop and all the other fabulous thrift shops in NYC. When you are at SK thrift eat lunch at Beoglu, or Antonucci’s!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Lena — Thanks! Lunch when I get back!!!

    Brandi — I totally spaced, you’re going to be nearby!! I wish I weren’t so overbooked! We’ll just have to rendez vous next time I’m in southern California! Hope you have a lovely weekend my dear!

    A Lovely Being — Promise! Lots of photos!

    Liz Morten — Ohhh great idea! I always used to swing by the Chelsea and Hells Kitchen markets, but have been meaning to get over to Brooklyn!

  4. Mocha Mornings

    Ooh, exciting! So jealous that you are meeting some of your design idols – how fabulous. I visited New York City in high school for 8 days and I really want to go back. I hope you have a great time!

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Jane — See you Sunday!!!

    Mocha Mornings — What a fun high school trip! I loved living in New York and miss it dearly. I’m sure you’ll make it back someday soon! xx

  6. stephanie

    if you have time for amazing bruschetta and a glass of wine, go to cafe ino in the west village!!! yum. have fun! i heart nyc very much.

  7. Katie Armour Post author

    Mariel — Thanks! Have a lovely weekend as well. I know you’re always up to something fun : )

    Stephanie — I’m a huge bruschetta fan, good call!!

    Emily — Big old bear hug, gotcha covered.

    Kelly Ann — It is a dream city, it’s true : )

  8. kirby

    oh Jane’s getting Married! How exciting and how great of you to take time out to be apart of it!

    There is a fashion exhibit going on at the MET that I’ve heard is wonderful! I should get myself over there to see it before it leaves…

    have a great trip!

    xx Kirby

  9. Roxy

    Oh I’m so jealous! If you’re like me you’ll also be visiting all your old haunts while discovering some new. Have fun!

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