Modern Vintage Porcelain




Here on The Neo-Trad I love to share items that are “traditional with a twist” and these porcelain replica milk bottles by Alyssa Ettinger more than fit the bill.  Each piece is hand-cast from antique glass milk bottles and the result is a charmingly modern take on the milkman favorite.  A simple, chic and always unique (oh dear, forgive me for rhyming) hostess gift!

P.S. Anyone recognize Ettinger’s porcelain “knitwear” collection as well?  One of my all-time favorites!

6 comments on “Modern Vintage Porcelain

  1. Kate

    Oh I’m so in love… I’ve been looking for some milk bottles lately! My Gram use to insist that cartons never be on the table and always poured juice and milk into real bottles and pitchers at breakfast time. She was a classy lady.


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