Soapbox Derby







Throughout the years Kate Spade has continuously published some of the most fun and creative ad campaigns.  Today, for a bit of wholesome inspiration, I thought we’d revisit the spring ’08 soapbox derby.  I just adore the vibrant color palette, charming little ones and vintage flourishes, don’t you?  Let the races begin!

13 comments on “Soapbox Derby

  1. Natalie

    Oooh how classic! I don’t know what I love more – the yummy pops of kelly grass green, or the little guy in photo #3 with “Andy” down his sleeve. Adorable.

  2. a lovely being

    this is one of my favorite campaigns! don’t you think the KS campaigns were so much more… fulfilling (for lack of a better word) when Kate and Andy Spade were at the helm? I just posted about their Fall/Winter ’02 campaign called “Visiting Tennessee”… I love that, like this campaign, it tells a story. and is so visually appealing. sigh. I wish Kate would come out with another book..!!

  3. Brandi

    As I scrolled, I thought “this is all so Kate Spade” — points to me for being right! I do love that cute laid-back but still well-put-together style.

  4. The Prippy Handbook

    The leapord print shoes with red capris is a look I have tried to recreate many a time since seeing this ad. So chic in a Mrs. Robinson kind of way!

    I would buy a book of her ad campaign photography for sure – such great inspiration.

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