Carey Crush



Love these artistic shots of Carey Mulligan from Interview Magazine.  The pixie cropped darling somehow manages to appear both naive and edgy at the same time (surely the sign of a good actress!).  As for the fantastic fluorescent pink and orange brush strokes, icing on the cake.

(via Image Amplified)

6 comments on “Carey Crush

  1. ashley

    I love you girls and your pixie cuts!!! colleen, kate and carey definitely rock the look and are so gorgeous! I so wish I could pull it off, but it doesn’t work and from my experiment when i was 13 i learned my lesson. ;) & loving her cardigan in the top shot!
    and miss katie- thank you SO much for you kind words! we are so happy and so excited to be married :)

  2. Christina

    I like these images in a different way than the ones featured in October Vogue. And I will have to jump on the bandwagon and say that I do love her. She was fabulous in An Education.

  3. Decor Arts Now

    I am digging her haircut on the cover of October Vogue. A pixie that is not cut around the ears! (she tucks her hair behind her ears). I haven’t done short short in a long while. Hair appointment scheduled for Tuesday…… I may take the plunge. Lynn

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