Chic Toners?


While at Jane Lilly Warren’s wedding welcome BBQ this past weekend in the Adirondacks (the whole three-day extravaganza was spectacular by the way) I came across a terribly stylish guest wearing these Reebok EasyTone walking shoes.  The native New Yorker was prancing about the campgrounds donning classic black leggings, a oversized boyfriend-esque oxford, and a colorful Hermes scarf around her neck (like the chicest of Eagle Scouts).  Never in a million years would  I have guessed her cute coral and “champagne” gold sneakers were “toners.”  Now I’m of course dying for a pair of my own, but I thought I ought to ask your opinion first.  Have you tried toners?  Did you see results?  I think I may take the plunge!

22 comments on “Chic Toners?

  1. Lena

    I’m in complete shock that they’re toners-what cute kicks! I’ve never worn a pair either, but these are certainly making me rethinking my next athletic shoes.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Mackenzie — Oh yay! The turquoise are so cute too : )

    Cristina — I need magic : )

    Jenny — That makes two of us!

    Lena — I was in shock too! I’m convinced I need a pair for long walks with Alfred around the neighborhood.

  3. Joanna

    I have tried these on in the store and they are super comfy. They also did NOT make my foot huge (like some other brands).

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Ashley — Uh oh! All Things Considered just broke my heart : ( The costumer reviews are so positive though… I might give them a try regardless, they’re my colors!

    Joanna — Ohh good to know! I wouldn’t want something big and clunky!

  5. kb

    I’ve had a pair in all white for about 9 months. I love them. Def not seeing any remarkable changes in my legs, but they are SUPER comfy and really great if you have bad arches or chronic back pain. Plus, they are really cute!

  6. Jenn

    I talked my mom into a pair. She likes them. They won’t magically make you in shape but they do cause you to work slightly harder on a walk than normal sneakers.

  7. Jaclyn

    Be careful, if not broken in properly they can cause shin splints, calf pain, and strain on the achilles. So dont just throw them on an go for a long walk around the city, start with 30 minute walks for a week so your legs can adjust to the new shoes.

  8. Roxy

    oh goodness! I feel very strongly against these little guys haha I feel like the shoe companies are trying to advertise any “easy” tone when you really should just get to the gym and do some real work! Sadly enough, I think it’s working!! And even more sadly, I blogged about these shoes last spring and more than half my hits are from people googling these silly shoes!!! ahhh they drive me crazy! haha my soapbox..:) hope you have a grand weekend!

  9. Katie Armour Post author

    Roxy — Too funny : ) I see what you mean, but at the same time if they get people out there walking that wouldn’t ordinarily make the time for exercise, it’s better than nothing, right? I don’t expect them to work any miracles, I think they could just be fun for walking the dog and sporting during everyday errands. Plus, I need new sneakers and they’re my colors! Props to you for your honesty, I love that! xoxo

  10. Ali

    Ha! I’ve had the exact same draw to these shoes. I’m actually a bit obsessed in getting a pair (I make fun of their marketing because it TOTALLY worked on me…girl in her 20’s who wants guys to turn around and check me out as I walk by…just kidding…kind of). I’d have to say I tried on a pair of the Reebok EasyTone set and while comfortable they still looked MASSIVE on my feet. I asked the guy at the store if they really work and he says only if you wear them a lot. And, he said they are only for walking, not running (which is fine, I’m not a runner). For aesthetic purposes I think I’m holding out for a NewBalance pair:

  11. Melissa

    I have a pair I wear to walk my dog. The first few times I wore them my legs felt really sore, so I thought they were working, but I never really noticed any changes in my legs or butt. Oh well, they’re comfortable and not too hideous (I have them in blue. I saw a pair on the Reebok site when I was shopping for mine in SOLID GOLD that I would have died for but apparently they were totally sold out – now that would have been cute!

  12. Lesley

    I’ve been considering these as well, and even bought a pair for my sister for her birthday, but I have to agree with Ali. I’ve seen women walking around the city in these and I can’t help but think that the look is neither casual, nor athletic. These New Balance shoes, on the other hand, translate well from street to airport to gym without a second thought.

    This one even comes in a similar color-way ;)

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