Bon weekend!


Just a simple, pretty picture to bid you all a lovely weekend!  I am going to be home getting things in order (confession: I still haven’t fully unpacked from New York) and plan to begin sprucing our apartment.  Now that the move and wedding are behind us I finally feel as though we can settle in.  What grand adventures do you have planned?  Anyone doing something exciting for Fashion Night Out?  Do tell!

(image via Mary Ruffle)

8 comments on “Bon weekend!

  1. Lena

    What a lovely photo! We’ve been in our apartment for a year now and I still find some new way to nest! Our big weekend plans include a burger at Monks Kettle and some vintage shopping-I’m hunting for coupe glasses!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Lena — I need to google this Monks Kettle you speak of. Oh and I just emailed you : )

    Colleen — Enjoy your wedding prep weekend. I can’t believe it’s only one short month away!! xx

  3. Lauren

    I just saw that Sofia Coppola won the Venice Golden Lion for Somewhere. Thanks for being the first to show me a preview of it. Now I absolutely canNOT wait to see it!!! I’m certain she’s having a wonderful weekend. Hope you are too!

  4. Amy

    Lovely photo! We don’t have a shoot this weekend (in many moons) so I don’t know what to do with myself! If the weather stays nice, perhaps we’ll put a flanksteak on the grill tomorrow and open up a bottle of red from our new Zagat wine club. Yes, I said wine club! My hubs gives all the details here. (He’s funnier than I am.)

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