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I realize it’s a bit early to be thinking about the holidays, but Mr. Armour and I are already eager to plan a little getaway.  As you can imagine, his first year law school schedule makes vacations few and far between!  The top contenders for this winter are New Orleans, Austin, Atlanta and Savannah.  Notice a trend?  I adore the south!  So give me the scoop my darling, well-traveled readers—which would you recommend?


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  1. Kate

    Oh dear, Chawlston didn’t make your list? Because that’s where I believe you should go. I suppose, if you can’t make it there, then my vote is Savannah. Atlanta is fun, but won’t give you the beautiful plantations, the ocean, the sophisticated drawl… but I suppose you could pull a Scarlett and go find Tara! :)


  2. Shannon

    I would never be able to pick! Add Charleston, and you have my favorite cities in the US! I’d lean more towards New Orleans and Savannah if you want a really Southern feel, but Austin is a great, laid-back, fun city with the best Mexican food. I don’t know too much about Atlanta, but I’m actually moving there next month…so hopefully I’ll have lots of tips if you pick there! Good luck choosing…you can’t go wrong with ANY of them.

  3. Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper

    Okay, I have Austin on my “to visit” list, but as a Southerner, I’m a huge fan of Savannah. I like Atlanta but it doesn’t have that old ferry boat draw of Savannah. It’s more of a city-city if you know what I mean. Being on the waterfront in Savannah is picturesque and all the history and romance too!

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    I just knew you’d have so much helpful advice! We went to Charleston last year (LOVED it) and want to go somewhere new this time—only reason it didn’t make the list ; )

  5. Anna

    I haven’t been to New Orleans so I can’t vote on that one, but I would choose Savannah. Then make Austin next on the list ;)

  6. Jessie

    I’m partial to Austin…obviously. I’d also recommend Nashville & Memphis for a Southern getaway. Would love to go to Savannah, myself. I guess I’m not much help!! BUT will have plenty of recs if you visit Austin or Memphis!

  7. Olga

    Ah, Savannah! I dream of going there. Have you read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil? That one really began my obsession with Savannah.

  8. Emily

    I live in Atlanta, but am in Savannah all the time for work (I work for the SCAD…Savannah College of Art and Design).

    1. I would recommend New Orleans (if so, you HAVE to eat at Cochon and visit Amanda Stone Talley’s art gallery on Magazine Street(she has adorable dogs and a great blog called
    2. Secondly, I would recommend you visit Savannah (stay at a bed in breakfast in the historic area and walk to get a cocktail at Circa…it looks like it belongs in Paris! Eat at Local 10Eleven, it’s heavenly and in a restored bank.)

  9. Lane

    Hey! I just awarded you with the sunshine award! Come check out the post on my blog

  10. Stephanie

    I would say Charleston or Savannah as well :) Especially around the holidays (Christmas lights on the waterfront: SHUT UP.)

    I just lived in Atlanta for two years and I love it … but unless you want to do touristy urban things, I’d head elsewhere. If you do end up in Atlanta I have an endless list of yummy local eats, so email me!

  11. Katie Armour Post author

    Olga — I have Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil sitting on my shelf somewhere. Have been meaning to read it for ages — certainly before any trip to Savannah : )

    Emily — So helpful! I’ll definitely follow your tips wherever we decide. Oh and I have heard wonderful things about SCAD by the way!

    Lane — Aww, why thank you! So touched!

    Colleen — It would seem Savannah is everybody’s favorite! xx

    Stephanie — “SHUT UP” hahaha. The Christmas lights will be lovely I’m sure! I’ll be sure to contact you for more tips if we pick Atlanta!

  12. Cynthia

    I grew up in the deep south:) Tallahassee FLA. and there is nothing like the balmy nights, the bugs a singing in the trees and that lovely spanish moss. Truly romantic!!!

    Savannah is like a dream. Especially @ night. It feels so timeless as does New Orleans. Do Do Do go:) I have a charming friend who takes the most amazing images on her trips to Savannah. She is a classic girl too:)

    PS If you go to Savannah make sure to take time to read Midnight in the garden of good and evil while you are. The trip even comes more alive:)

    Here is a link:

  13. Chelsea

    Austin! Austin! Austin! Fabulous music, lots of ol’ Franklin Texans to catch up with, beautiful hill country, excellent Mexican food- and me so near by!

  14. eringianni

    depending on the length of time you have, maybe you could fly into atlanta and road trip it to savannah? you would have the chance to see two sides of georgia. along the way you could detour to athens, which is the coolest little college town. great restaurants, cool downtown area and great music scene. i could help you with more detailed tips if you end up doing any of the above. have fun, wish i was tagging along!

  15. Kirby

    Savannah for sure! I’ve never been but it is also on my list of getaway spots. everytime I see or hear something about the town it just seams to have such charm to it.

    xx Kirby

  16. Milk and Honey Home

    too tired to read all of the comments–so I am sure someone mentioned this: but you MUST go to The Paris Market downtown….one of my favorite shops in the world (go downstairs for deals!) Julie

  17. Cory Anna

    Savannah! My birthplace and such beautiful history there. It is especially nice in the fall. I live in Atlanta now, but miss the spanish moss and delightful southern feel. You will be richer for the experience!

  18. designstiles

    I was in Savannah in April and loved it. Such a sweet, charming city. I was in Austin last summer and it was hotter than an oven at 400 degrees. I still loved it, but not as cute as Savannah. I’m sure Savannah would be way romantic during the holidays. Good luck deciding!

  19. mary k

    new orleans! they still need our tourist dollars down there, the food is amazing and the hospitality is so southern. try cafe du monde on the square for a delicious beignet. {i spotted mario batali there!} the history and architecture are wonderful, too.

  20. just a girl

    I grew up in Atlanta [well, a suburb north of Atlanta] and I totally vote for Savannah. I’ve been there many times myself and it is truly lovely. Just to warn you: the riverfront is very Paula Deen-heavy. Not a deal-breaker, but just be prepared for some commercialization. I can’t give you tips like I’m sure these other ladies can, but it’s such a charming, southern town and everyone must see it at least once!

  21. Hannah Belle

    my vote goes to Savannah. my sister went to SCAD and it was amazing because i got to go visit. it is absolutely beautiful, artsy, southern, and haunted! did i mention the food? oh my goodness. all i can say is the mellow mushroom pesto pizza. absolutely amazing. yes yes. please go to savannah :)

  22. Katie Armour Post author

    I don’t know how I’ll ever chose with so many good arguments for each city! One thing is certain — I’ll be studying these comments like crazy before we go anywhere. Perhaps we’ll just have to go to New Orleans AND Savannah! All in good time… xx

  23. Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors

    I love Savannah!! I adore Charleston. At one time I was seriously, considering a move there…Instead, I go there often. I have never been to NOLA…Next on the list “to go” in the states. Enjoy! -Maureen

  24. Sarah

    I live in Savannah at the moment, and I must say it’s a beautiful city. But if you do come, avoid the Paula Deen hoopla and stick to local favorites (Alligator Soul, Rocks on the River, and Back In the Day.) I guarantee you will have a wonderful time. Happy travels!

  25. plaisirssimples

    nix atlanta from that list. all of rest are awesome cities but VERY different. austin is SO cool but savannah is more charming. i’ve been to NOLA too many times to count but not once since katrina so it’s hard to say…but just as amazing as before i’m sure!!! you’ll have fun in any of them!! such character!

  26. Cece

    Kate! Having lived in Mississippi for the last five years I’m so excited your planning a trip down here! I have to say I’ve been obsessed with Savannah forever but my vote goes to Austin– I’m about to move there!!

  27. Kristin Smith

    We live in Atlanta – it’s a great city, but I would never pick it for vacation.
    Savannah is awesome – beautiful architecture, good restaurants, good shopping, beautiful landscape.
    Charleston is also awesome – great food – lowcountry cuisine – and really beautiful architecture.
    NOLA – it’s a beautiful city, but it is very dark. I may face criticism for saying this, but if I had my choice, this is not the city I would visit.
    Austin, I don’t know – it’s known for indie music and a bohemian culture, but I don’t know if it’s vacation-worthy.
    Well that’s my 2 cents!
    Have a great vacation!

  28. Duncan Pittman

    Hi Katie,

    As a film buff and academic who grew up in the South (NC), I’ve lived all over the country, coast to coast, from Carolina to California and back. I now call Savannah GA home (awesome art school, SCAD), and I just love it.

    Savannah is European, Southern, historic, and modern all at once. It’s art school edgy-electic, old south-meets-new south, full of garden clubs and roller derby, with fantastic shopping and eating, literally a sweet AND savory melting pot of all of this and everything in-between. It’s also famously called The Hostess City, and you are guaranteed to have a good time (especially with its laid back open container policy).

    Personified, Savannah is a fantastic lady. She is fun, wild, gorgeous, earthy, classy, sultry, and unforgettable.

    As I always say (and you may quote me here):

    “If Charleston’s Grace Kelly, then Savannah’s definitely Ava Gardner.” ; )


    Ms. Duncan Pittman
    Savannah, GA

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