Bon weekend!





Thought I’d leave you this weekend with these moody images by photographer Fabio Bartelt for Marie Claire.  It’s similarly lovely, yet overcast here in the bay and Alfred and I may take a stroll to the beach. Perhaps I’ll even sport robin egg blue socks : )  What do you have planned this weekend my loves?  Any birthdays?  Art projects?  Grand adventures?  Do tell… xx

19 comments on “Bon weekend!

  1. Lena

    We have a wedding this weekend (Bring on the Greeks!) so we’ll both be enjoying time with family! Next week sounds absolutely fantastic-maybe we’ll even get to Foreign Cinema this time!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Nora — Thank you! I’m so touched! Can’t wait to check out your blog as well. Have a lovely weekend!

    Lena — Ohhh Foreign Cinema would be fun! I’ve never actually been, but have heard rave reviews. I’ll be in touch! Have fun at the wedding! xx

    Dancing Branflake — How fun! Break a leg! xx

  3. Kirby

    I so want a pup to take on a walk. My plans are to throw my fiance a birthday party and we are going to go see the movie, The Town on Sunday! enjoy your weekend!

    xx Kirby

  4. quintessence

    Lovely images – going to my brother-in-law’s huge surprise birthday bash (a big one – birthday that is) – should be fun – live band etc. Just happy we are going to have beautiful New England Indian summer weather.

  5. amy

    These photos are so dreamy! :)

    My mister’s parents are in town visiting this weekend, and we’re going on a zipline tour about 20 miles outside of the city. We’ll pack a picnic to lunch to eat at the lake while we’re out there. Should be relaxing and lovely.

  6. Lauren

    With fall fast approaching, all the leaves are changing colors up in the Colorado mountains. I’ll be taking a nice long drive to see all the Aspens in their golden glory.

  7. Bettina

    I’m going to give an old chair a makeover together with my dad, and tomorrow, my husband and I are going to spend lots of money at a huge flea market. :D

    I love love love your blog! You always post the most beautiful stuff! When you posted that clear umbrella, I instantly purchased one on Amazon. Same with those animal/alphabet prints; I bought one that shows an elk, and I have to say it does look nice on my wall. :)
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Andrea

    We’ll be visiting lots of artists’ open studios with some friends today and have lunch at the local seafood festival. Some of the artists exhibit their stuff in pastel-coloured beach huts. It’s always great fun and very inspiring.
    Have a great weekend at the beach!

  9. Katie Armour Post author

    Kelly Ann — Isn’t it though?! Obsessed.

    Kirby — Happy birthday to your fiance, what fun! xx

    Elissa — Glad you like them. I thought they were fitting considering the overcast weather : )

    Quintessence — Ohhh I just love birthdays! And a live band–lucky gal!

    Amy — A zipline tour? I’ve never heard of such a thing! Is it like the ziplines that take you soaring through the forests of Costa Rica? I’m so scared of heights. I can’t wait to hear more about this you brave, brave girl : )

    Lauren — You always make me want to visit Colorado! The trees sound just lovely. I am going to miss the changing of the leaves so very much this autumn : (

    Gwen — Wishing your darling Lucy much luck!

    Bettina — Awwww, so touched you introduced yourself! I love those ABC prints and the umbrella is amazing, what fun! Enjoy the huge flea market–wish I were there!!!

    Andrea — You always have the best weekend plans. If only I lived in England…sigh. Enjoy the artwork and pastel colored huts (I love that you spell ‘coloured’ the British way—in my next life I hope I’m European!).

    Eleanor — That makes two of us : ) Happy weekend to you as well! xx

  10. Stephanie

    softball (my Kate), football (my big guy), dinner with friends, smores by the fire, and the town fair tomorrow …
    maybe a spot of photography? (and then the not fun paperwork, housework and such …)

  11. Katie Armour Post author

    Stephanie — Love your darling athletic family! Wish we were having smores, jealous!

    Punctuation Mark — Isn’t it lovely! I saw some on Etsy recently…you should take a look!

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