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Name, Age, Location

Kate, 25, Boston

My cliff-note autobiography…

I was born and raised a New Yorker, growing up in the suburbs of NYC, but left my roots to move up to Boston for college. The funny thing is, I never intended to stay, in fact – I was never that excited to come at all. But now, approaching my 7th year of living in Boston, I’m still here. I fell in love with the charm and character of Boston — it’s a neo-traditional city, through and through. I’m a market research professional by day, a blogger by night, and DIY-addict by weekend.

Five things that make my heart flutter…

high-waisted pencil skirts and Mad Men-esque dresses; finding buried treasures at flea markets and tag sales; a well organized drawer/closet/shelf (bonus heart-fluttering if things are color-coded); playing hostess – arranging a cheese platter, crafting decorations and mixing cocktails are among my specialty skills; and the satisfaction of creating something from scratch.

My dream dinner party…

would take place under a big old oak tree with lots of sparkly strung lights and candles in mason jars. I’ve always preferred the cocktail party to a dinner party, because it means I can be mobile and mingling — so I’d make sure trays of delicious hors d’oeuvres and champagne cocktails were being passed around the event by sharply dressed waiters to keep my friends full and happy. The hostess has to be well dressed, so I’d probably pick up a party dress from Oscar de la Renta and pair it with some Kate Spade heels (think Carrie Bradshaw’s pink dress when she dances in McDonalds). And for when my feet get tired from running around in heels? I’ll set up some blankets on the lawn and we’ll kick off our shoes to watch an old romantic black and white movie projected on a hanging sheet.

In ten years I will be…

sitting behind a desk in a gorgeously designed office of a company run by me! I’d love to be my own boss some day and hope that by ten years from now, I’ve found a way to make that happen. And success isn’t anything unless you have someone to share it with, so hopefully a family of my own is also in the cards someday.

I am neo-traditional because…

I believe a home-cooked meal can fix just about anything; because I never leave the house without pearl earrings; because I call home every day; because I know my way around a needle and thread; because I’ll take the character and history of chipped paint and worn wood over stainless steel and granite any day, and because I always say please and thank you. (That reminds me! Thank you Katie, for asking me to participate!)

Thank YOU for participating, darling Kate!  Perhaps we can meet in Boston someday for champagne cocktails! xx

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  1. Lauren

    Deary me! I think I just found one of my soul friends. Mad Men dresses, the way she describes her dinner party (especially that bit about Carrie Bradshaw), her reasons for being a Neo-Trad, and her love of Boston (a city I’ve never been to, but fantasize about nearly daily)… Wow. I adore her!

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