Custom Pup Portrait

Mr. Armour begs to differ, but I think our new apartment may be in need of an Alfred the pug custom pet embroidery.  Can you imagine how much time (and skill!) a single portrait must require?  I wonder if there would be an upcharge due to his many wrinkles ; )

11 comments on “Custom Pup Portrait

  1. Frances

    I’m dying!! This is so perfect! PS I love when you blog on East Coast time, makes my mornings so much more enjoyable! xo

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Heather — I beg John for a second pug every day, but no luck as of yet! You’re a very lucky gal! And yes, our Alfred likes to think he’s very handsome ; )

  3. The Prippy Handbook

    So sweet!

    I had a portrait done of my boyfriend’s dog as an anniversary gift by the amazing Happy Menocal, and it was a big hit!

    Her art is gorgeous and affordable, despite being a fave of Jonathan Adler.

  4. Chelsea

    Oh! I love to embroider, but the most complicated I have done is pie and cupcakes…this is inspiring, and I might just have to order my pups! L-O-V-E

  5. courtnee

    This is fantastic! HmmmmI think my very cute and very spoiled doxie Henry would look great embroidered:)

    ps-This is my first time commenting. I discovered your blog about a week ago and spent an entire evening going through your old posts. Love it!

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