Seaside Chic

I can’t help but admire the seaside spread of Julia Stegner (or at least I think that’s her…) in J.Crew’s October catalogue.  Between the lighting, patterned tights and tweed Chanel-esque jacket I’m seriously swooning.  This fall I will most definitely be sporting polka dot tights about town—who’s with me?

14 comments on “Seaside Chic

  1. k10

    Just bought some at Nordstrom the other week! Hope I can make them last this year though. Last year I had a runner in them within an hour of wearing them. No more sitting on wood benches for me!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    A Lovely Being — That makes two of us!

    k10 — That’s tragic! I know what you mean though. I’m always snagging mine with rings and such. We’ll be extra careful this season : )

  3. quintessence

    Not sure I’m a polka dot tights kind of girl but I do love everything else – J crew just keeps getting better and better. Took my daughter to Crew Cuts today and they were already sold out of almost everything she wanted in her size!

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