The Reversible Tote

I must admit that when I first saw the blue python handbag in the latest Tiffany’s advertisements I wasn’t a fan, but this far more understated reversible suede and metallic tote from the same debut collection is decidedly chic!  I adore its classic camel/gold palette and the high-quality 24k gold plated solid brass hardware.  Now if only they could re-shoot the campaign with the yummy camel suede!

15 comments on “The Reversible Tote

  1. stephanie

    i love this one and the tiffany blue/platinum number. i’ll take one of each please. the first for when i’m feeling classic, the second for when i’m feeling a little funky. =)

  2. Nichole

    My catalogue arrived on Thursday, and I loved these purses instantly–and so affordable! (well… for T&Co).

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Stephanie — You’re far more adventurous than I! Bravo! xx

    Nichole — I was thinking the same thing. They certainly aren’t cheap, but when I saw the $595 price tag on this tote my jaw dropped. Affordable for Tiffany’s is right!

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