Bloggers I Met and Liked

“Archie Grand produces high quality notebooks for shopaholics, artists, fashionistas and 55 other breeds of charlatans, scoundrels and luminaries.”

These charming and oh-so-bright Archie Grand journals made me laugh out loud.  My very favorite may be “Royals I Met and Liked” though I do think they ought to create one just for bloggers.  J.Crew is carrying a select few, but the full collection is available here.  Thanks to Natalie for the fine introduction!

20 comments on “Bloggers I Met and Liked

  1. AbbieBabble

    I love these! They used to make a “secret agents I met and liked” notebook, too, but I can’t seem to find that one anymore. Now I’m kicking it for not buying it when I had the chance!

  2. geri

    why don’t you print up some “bloggers i met and liked” notebooks! i don’t know the legalities on that kind of stuff but your soon to be lawyer hubbie may! i mean everyone prints up those ” keep calm and carry on ” posters!
    by the way i am enjoying your blog so much that you have taken over the #1 slot of my first go to blogs of the day! would you ever consider doing a weekly feature on “katie’s personal fashion tips”. you have such a great ability to pair separates together and look so stylish. just snap a picture of yourself when you go out! it would help some of us fashion challenged ladies!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Geri — You’re too sweet! I’ll certainly take it under consideration. I fear I’m not nearly as fashionable as you may have been lead to believe, but we’ll see what we can’t come up with! xx

  4. quintessence

    Yes, saw these at J Crew – so fun. Anything to save me from the 50 million little scraps of paper with notes, phone numbers and ephemera. And I agree with Natalie also!!

  5. J. is a Bird

    These are just too cute! I’ll have to pop into the J Crew and The Grove and see which ones they have.

    @ AbbieBabble ~ I HATE when that happens, but really it does happen to me a lot, maybe I should do a blog post just on stuff I wish I would have bought when I had the chance;)


  6. Lena

    Absolutely charming! I giggled out loud when I saw, “Lovers I had and Liked”, but I think a bloggers notebook would be just divine!

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