Burberry Flashback

Just came across these old Burberry advertisements starring a young Kate Moss and had to smile.  I remember having them pinned to my bulletin board in boarding school!  The shot at bottom is my favorite—so stately and English with the hound in the background.  I can’t wait to someday invest in a classic Burberry trench!

9 comments on “Burberry Flashback

  1. michelle

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think I actually remember these ads..I still don’t own any burberry, but I really liked when Emma Watson was the model for them, she is soooo cute.

  2. Lauren

    My best friends says, and I completely agree, “You know I will have ‘arrived’ when I own a Burberry trench and a pair of Christian Louboutins”

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Michelle — I love the Emma Watson ones as well! She’s absolutely darling.

    Kacy — What fun!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed on your account. How I envy you!

    Lauren — That is too cute! I have yet to arrive, but someday! : )

  4. Modeana

    I remember a conversation with your mom about all the reasons why I thought you would be a terrific candidate to go away to boarding school….(Kate Moss was not mentioned) I’d like to think I had at least a little bit of influence in her final decision to let you go!
    Whew…..thank goodness it worked out!

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Modeana — You did help convince my mom to let me go! Best decision we ever made : )

    Kayce — I went to Santa Catalina in Monterey, California. Very possibly the best four years of my life!

  6. royaltygirl

    It is so nice to know that the plaid bikini was the brain-child of our beloved Deborah Lloyd when she was at Burberry. It is funny how we loved her back then without even knowing it! I remember buying out Banana Republic when she was creative director wondering how they “knew” just what I liked. Now there isn’t much at BR for me and I am practically only wearing kate spade.

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