Clever Kate

Every season the Kate Spade creative team kills me with their cleverness and today is no different.  Two pieces I’m currently lusting after: the 2011 wall calendar by English illustrator Jenny Bowers and the gold paperclip notecards.  I mean really, how could you open that cherry red lined envelope and not smile?

8 comments on “Clever Kate

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Ashlina — Glad you agree! I should clarify it’s not literally the work of Kate as she’s sold the company. It’s the masterminds on their current creative team : )

  2. Lena

    Buying my day planner refills was always the best part about December-besides shopping for Christmas gifts, of course. The papers are always so wonderful! And I’m absolutely charmed by that little paperclip notecard!

  3. quintessence

    Both adorable! So nice that they continue to produce wonderful products even though Kate and Andy are gone. And their wonderful former creative, Ruth Parsons, is now head of creative at J Crew!

  4. Champagne Maker

    These are ADORABLE! Have you heard of Hanna Nation? She is one of my daughter’s sorority sisters and is the cutest thing and has the cutest thing going in stationery. Check her out! She use to give her friends little cards with their monograms when she was still in school and when she started selling her stationery before she graduated, we were first in line to buy. It is SO clever. She is CRAZY talented. It’s the kind of stationery you hesitate to use because you never want to run out. I always said she might be the next Kate Spade! Check her out, I think her style is totally on your page! You should get her to make you a custom design!

  5. Champagne Maker

    hahaha Just went scooting around in Hanna’s website to see what’s new and she had you listed right up near the top of where she’d been seen :D Guess you’ve found Hanna huh? Isn’t she precious? I knew you’d like her!

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