Where in the world?

Sometimes I feel so silly because I’m constantly sharing about myself and know so little about all of you!  I was looking at my analytics last night and couldn’t help but marvel over how many far corners of the earth my readers hail from.  I love it!  Today I thought I’d ask you a simple question — where are you reading from? I’ll start.  Katie here from Alameda, California (a little island in San Francisco’s east bay).

Now it’s your turn!


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  1. Mallory

    Hey Katie! I’ve been following for some time now and am so sorry I haven’t commented yet! I’m in Charlottesville, VA (a sweet, quaint town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. think vineyards and lots of blue grass music). I just got engaged so have loved perusing your many wedding posts!


  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Mallory — I love Charlottesville! Two of my dear friends grew up there actually, what a small world. Thank you for introducing yourself and congrats on your engagement! Enjoy every minute of it : )

    Therése — Thank you for saying hello! I’ve yet to visit Sweden, but am in fact Swedish (and Irish and German…we Americans, you know how that goes…) and have wanted to visit for a long time. My maiden name is “Ogren” which I’m told is rather common there. Can’t wait to check out your blog! xx

    Michelle — Love Pasadena! I was born in Los Angeles and when I was little my mother sold real estate there. I’ve been meaning to get down there to go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market! Thanks for saying hello—this is so fun for me! xx

  3. Cassie

    I am reading from Camas, Washington–a small(er) town across the river from Portland, Oregon. We love it here in the beautiful, green Northwest.

    I love your blog, too. Thanks for all of the inspiration! And living on an island? How lovely!

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Cassie — Would you believe I’ve never been to the northwest?! Mr. Armour and I are eager to make a trip up to Seattle and Portland — I’ve heard such wonderful things. And thank YOU for encouraging and inspiring me! xx

  5. Brandi

    I’m Brandi and I’m from NJ, though I really consider New York City to be my real home. Right now though, I’m in San Diego, and I keep reminding myself that I MUST take a trip up to San Fran. Especially after hearing the way you gush about it.

  6. Dora

    I’m originally from Romania, but I live in Charlotte, NC right now :D Even though today is the first day of Fall, it’s still 91 degrees outside.



  7. Ashley

    Philadelphia, PA!

    I just stumbled across your blog today and it has negatively affected my productivity today, let me just say. I couldn’t tear myself away from the computer screen for lunch! I can’t wait to check back daily and see the new, inspiring posts you come up with.

  8. Katie Armour Post author

    BAH — Oh I’ve long envied the fun, preppy aesthetic of Palm Beach. Never been to Florida—tragic, I know. Adding it to the list! Thanks for dropping in and introducing yourself!

    Brandi — LOVE a familiar face : ) I can’t wait for you to come up and visit!!

    Ashley — Only been to Philly once but loved it! Sorry to have hindered your productivity, opps ; ) Welcome! xx

    Dora — Romania, how cool! I’ve been to Serbia and Hungary (so close!), but never made it cross the border. I had Romanian classmates in Switzerland that were great fun : ) Do you just love Charlotte? I’ve heard great things. Thanks for saying hi!! xx

  9. HannahB.

    Hi, Katie! I’m from East Tennessee and discovered your blog just a few days ago when Courtney (merrimentevents.com) shared your *lovely* engagement photos! In fact, I posted about them on my blog and then yesterday, I noticed that we both had something about Lauren Becall… so I’ve taken it as a sign and The Neo Traditionalist is now on my top reads in Google Reader and I’m following you on Twitter :) Your blog is so pretty, and I adore your hair cut!

  10. K

    Hi Katie! I’m originally from Texas, but read from Sewanee, TN. I’ve loved keeping up with your blog while at school, it’s a constant source of inspiration. I noticed that you’ve mentioned going to school in Switzerland a couple of times- Did you by chance go to Franklin? My very best friend goes there and LOVES it!

  11. Danielle

    Hi Katie,

    I just started reading your blog a couple of months ago, but this is my first comment! Reporting in two blocks from the White House, from the 11th floor of my office building. I have a great view of the National Mall–probably better than any 24 year old office manager has a right to! Your blog is a much-needed ray of style and sunshine into my day!
    Mallory, I’m very jealous of your Charlottesville location right now–I’m a UVA grad who is quite homesick :)

  12. Allison

    Hi Katie!

    I recently stumbled across your blog through Pinterest. You have great taste and I love reading your posts. I am in Los Angeles (Silver Lake), and my business partner is in San Francisco. Two totally different, yet amazing cities. :)

    Keep inspiring!

  13. Stacy

    Hi neighbor!

    Just a hop, skip and a bridge away in San Francisco.

    Came across your blog last week and am inspired by your engagement photos. Speaking of which…where were they shot? Currently on the hunt for nice grass in the city (not so easy).


  14. Jennifer

    I read your blog (compulsively checking for updates every few hours) on a daily basis from my office in Georgetown (Washington, D.C.) Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. Jenny

    I’m sitting in my living room in Augusta, GA (not too far away from Augusta National Golf Course). Originally from Greensboro, NC.

  16. Katie Armour Post author

    Hannah — Why thank you! I think we may have driven through Tennessee for a split second on our move out west this past summer, but I’m longing to explore it more! I’m jealous, you southern belle : )

    K — I did go to Franklin! What a small world! It was an adventure to say the least : ) Thanks for introducing yourself!

    Olga — Go SLO!!! xx

    Danielle — How lucky are you!? I’m beyond envious of your location. I loooove D.C. My best friend lives in Georgetown. Next time I’m in the area you’ll have to meet us for coffee! Do keep in touch!

    Allison — Thanks for saying hi! I keep hearing about Silver Lake and how hip it is. I have a feeling you’re far cooler than I : ) xoxo

  17. Danielle

    Your best friend picked a great spot! I went to grade school AND high school in Georgetown. My mother keeps joking that I will settle down within the 3 block radius where I grew up..wouldn’t be such a terrible thing! Would love to meet you for coffee :)

  18. Katie Armour Post author

    Stacy — So close and yet so far : ) The photos were snapped at the Pelican Inn in Muir Beach. So touched you like them! Thanks for stopping by, can’t wait to check out your blog…I saw the word “cupcake”!

    Designstiles — Nothing wrong with the valley! I really need to get back to southern California and do some more exploring. I’ve heard the homes in Sherman Oaks are lovely : )

    Jennifer — Awww shucks! Thanks for reading and so often : ) Love D.C. and Georgetown is my dream neighborhood. Lucky gal!

    Jenny — I knew you lived in Georgia, but not that you are from Greensboro! I love NC, we used to visit often when I lived in wild and wonderful West Virginia : )

    Meagan — I have been SO out of touch and am dying to hear more about your big day. And I think it’s cool you’re from Kansas. When I was in 2nd grade my best friend moved there and I was jealous : )

    Kelly Anne — WV!!! I didn’t know anyone from WV read! I lived in Morgantown last year you know. It was an adventure to say the least : )

    Danielle — I would be happy to end up there too! And coffee is a plan—if you see me mention a trip to D.C. do say something, I tend to lose track of these things! xx

  19. Mariel

    I’m Mariel and I’m reading from New York, NY!

    I didn’t realize you lived in Alameda. I’ve heard good things about their flea market…have you been?

  20. Katie Armour Post author

    Mariel — How I miss NY! I used to live in the east village : ) I have been to the Alameda flea market and it is fantastic and ENORMOUS! Like the Chelsea flea market and Hells Kitchen flea market combined x10! I can’t wait for it to be October — it’s only once a month : (

  21. Melissa

    Hi Katie!

    Ive been following you under the radar for quite awhile now and am currently living in Seattle, Wa. Ive just recently started blogging myself (and took voluntary unemployment to start living the big dream!) and your work has really inspired me. Like you I love all things design, fashion, beauty, food, living, traveling, prep, and Last but not least my 4 legged love – Jackie O (she is a Pekashu and she is perfectly suited for Alfred :))


  22. Katie Armour Post author

    Stephanie — Someday I am making to Long Island to visit! Love you and your adorable family!!

    Melissa — How exciting for you! So glad you introduced yourself. Clearly we have lots in common. Perhaps we need to set Jackie O and Alfred up on a blind date : )

    Melissa — Love London, but have yet to explore Indiana more than our quick yet beautiful drive through this summer! And I understand—when I lived in Morgantown, WV I often felt like an alien for not living and breathing football : )

  23. teresa

    hi katie…i just found you a couple of days ago and am excited to begin reading.
    i am enjoying this 1st day of fall from edmond, oklahoma!

  24. Jillian

    Hello from Greenwich, Connecticut! Love your blog, Katie! It has provided endless inspiration as we renovate and decorate our first house!
    Oh, and we just got married last week, and it was such fun following along as you made your wedding decisions!
    Congrats and thanks!

  25. Katie Armour Post author

    Estefania — LOVE Mexico! Lots of my friends from boarding school are Mexican. I spent a Christmas visiting one friend in Mexico City—it was amazing! Bienvenida (is that right?)!!

    Teresa — I forgot it is the first day of fall! How exciting! We have tons of photos from Oklahoma when we drove through this summer—so beautiful! Welcome : )

    Jillian — Love Greenwich! I worked for a design firm in Rowayton! CT is so gorgeous. How exciting to be a newlywed and decorating your first home! With Mr. Armour in law school we have to wait several years—I’ll have to live vicariously through you : )

  26. Lauren

    Hi Katie! I found your blog a couple of months back and it has quickly become a daily favorite! I’m reading from the fabulous Fort Worth, TX!!

  27. Isabelle

    Hello Katie,

    I’ve been following your blog since a few months. I love your style, it’s also a great inspiration for the apartment I bought and am decorating now … Greetings from Antwerp, Belgium.

  28. Katie Armour Post author

    Lauren — We’re thinking about visiting Texas sometime soon. Mr. Armour loves Austin and I have friends in Houston. I’ve heard rave reviews of Fort Worth too! Welcome!

    Isabelle — Belgium, how neat! The birthplace of Audrey Hepburn : ) I never made it there when I was living abroad, but is at the top of my list for our next European vacation. Good luck with your new apartment, what an exciting time! xx

  29. just a girl

    Laura here from Chicago, IL. Been reading for a while now and loving everything! I had to list my five favorite blogs in a blogger e-course I’m doing, and yours definitely made the list =)

  30. Laura


    I’m reading from Fayetteville, Arkansas, a small college town of UofA. I work for an architecture firm and love everything design. I adore your taste; you inspired me to (finally) start my own blog! Thank you!

  31. Teresa

    This Katie Fan is from Lisbon – Portugal. Just the other side of Atlantic.
    My days are never complete without a visit to your site :love:

  32. Katie Armour Post author

    Laura — Top five? Wow, thank you! I’ve only been to Chicago once for a couple days, but loved every second of it. The architecture is phenomenal and the lake, stunning! Lucky girl!

    Laura — Congrats on starting your own blog! I was so nervous when I started mine just over a year ago, but am so glad I took the plunge. I have a friend that lived in Eureka Springs—I think that’s near you? Thanks for saying hello! xx

    Karyn — How fun to have someone so close by! I’m sure you love the bay as much as I do. Northern California has its own distinct charm!

    Teresa — Can’t wait to someday visit Lisbon! When I do I’m looking you up!! xo

  33. Emily

    I’m in Boston! I’ve been following for awhile now, and your blog – more than any other I’ve come across – matches my aesthetic perfectly. Thank you for the daily inspirations from across the country!

  34. Erika


    I have been following you for a long time and adore your site. I am reading from New York City! I am a huge Kate Spade fan as well and my roommate works there – yes, some times i dress up in all her clothes and goodies and play pretend.

  35. Katie Armour Post author

    Emily — You are TOO sweet! That just made my day. Love Boston (so does Mr. Amour, he’s from Maine and is big on New England) and hope to have the chance to visit again soon. Keep in touch! xx

    Lacy — Missouri! How cool! I’ve only passed through St. Louis, but am eager to explore more. O’Fallon is a neat name for a city : )

    Samantha — The UES, talk about classic : ) Won’t you visit the Met for me? Oh and the Frick and the Guggenheim and the Whitney…you’re spoiled! I miss living in NY! xx

    Erika — You’re killing me! I would DIE to work at Kate Spade, what a lucky roommate you have. Wish I were still in the city and we could play dress up together! Thanks for saying hello!

    Jen — Never been to Kentucky, but LOVE blue grass. So many cool women are from Louisville, like Emily Maynard of Elva Fields. So envious! Going to the Derby is on my bucket list : )

  36. Danielle

    This is Danielle (Casey’s sister) – you could find me in Ballard; one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle!

  37. Katie Armour Post author

    Hi Danielle! I just adore your brother and had so much fun seeing him last time we were in D.C.! When we make it up to Seattle I’ll be sure to explore Ballard! xx

    Anna — How lovely! Everyone gushes about the beauty of Chapel Hill. Next time we’re out that way I must visit. Thanks for introducing yourself!

  38. Chloe

    Miss Kate!

    Even though you know where I’m from I thought I would give a shout-out to Seattle and encourage you and John to come visit. You would love it!


  39. Laura Marie

    Laura Marie here, from Lincoln Park in Chicago… I can’t believe I didn’t find your blog sooner, it’s become one of my favorites in a matter of days! Thanks for all the inspiration :)

  40. Cristina C.

    Katie- some fellow Catalinians suggested your charming blog to me about 6 months ago and I am in love! Thank you for bringing some much needed fun into my loooong workday! Cristina Carnazzo, Carmel-by-the-Sea.

  41. Becky

    Aloha! Becky here from the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii! Don’t you love the way the internet brings all us chic people together?

  42. Starr

    My sister Summer suggested your site to me – we live down the street from each other in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are lucky sisters to live so close and we love your blog!

  43. geri

    hi katie,

    from the looks of it…….i am undoubtedly your oldest fan! i have one more, in his last year of high school..!!! it’s bitter sweet i tell you. i have been a stay at home mom for almost thirty years. as a matter of fact my oldest is in law school at boalt, right next to you. such a busy time for her! she lives in piedmont! i live in southern california in a suburb outside of l.a., called rowland hts. i just love northern california and hope to move there in the next few years! so many cool little districts to get lost in! elmwood and rockridge are two of my favorites! your blogs is helping me to get my creative mojo flowing again after so many years being a devoted mom! thanks katie! xxx

  44. Katie Armour Post author

    J. — Love LA. Welcome friend. xx

    Laura Marie — Welcome from Chicago! How exciting. There are so many neighborhoods there I’d like to explore, Lincoln Park included!

    Libby — That makes two from Indianapolis! I love it! xx

    Lauren — The sophisticated New Yorker, but I already knew that : )

    Cristina — Hey stranger! So nice to hear from you. Thanks for reading! I miss Carmel dearly. Jealous you’re back!

    Halley — My my we have quite a few ladies from Chicago. You all must be terribly stylish : ) I imagine you wearing fabulous coats to brave that wind! Thanks for saying hi!

    Becky — Hawaii!? Life just isn’t fair! And yes, I do LOVE how the internet brings gals like us together. It’s such fun meeting other women with common interests, yourself included! xx

    Starr — It’s a pleasure! Say hello to your sis too, you both have fantastic names. Salt Lake is supposed to be fabulous, you’re lucky in many ways!

    Geri — You’re too sweet! Thank you! And don’t fret, I assure you you’re not my oldest reader, I have some very chic seventy-somethings reading, my grandmother included : ) Love Rockridge—so many great restaurants and you daughter is lucky to be in Piedmont, it’s a lovely area. So fun to have fellow Californians reading! xx

    Denise — That makes two from Hawaii. Dying of jealousy. Get a suntan for me, will you? xx

    Lilla U — Two readers from Sweden, I’m honored!! Have to visit someday and explore my Swedish roots! Thank you for saying hello!

  45. Hillary

    This is crazy- Anna, I live in Carrboro, NC, too! Such a small world :)

    Katie, it sounds like you will definitely have to make a visit to the area!

  46. Katie Armour Post author

    Aly — “Little shop” is music to my ears! Welcome! Love Santa Monica.

    Xanthi — Athens is one of my favorite cities on earth you lucky girl! Hello from California and welcome!

    Hillary — Two readers from the same town, now that I love. I suppose I have no choice but to visit my NC neo-trads! Someday soon!

    Allison — So many gals from Indiana. I love your state pride : ) And I’ve yet to visit Vegas (odd, I know). Thanks for saying hello!

    Mrs ADS — Atlanta, yet another fine city I’ve yet to visit, but have heard MUCH about. Will have to get down to Georgia and see it for myself someday. Thanks for stopping in! xx

  47. sharon

    hello (:

    from what i can tell, i might be your youngest reader. i’m in my last year of high school. i am from a small suburb just outside of downtown la, california. i just adore visiting san fran and made a stop during my road trip this summer. hope you’re having a wonderful day!

    x sharon

  48. Sheila

    Hi Katie,
    I was led over by Habitually Chic and was reading for a while before I even realized you were a Catalinian also. Love your blog!
    Sheila Callahan, Class of ’01
    Santa Brabara, CA

  49. Jennie

    Hello from Houston, TX! If you want to visit Texas, you’ve got to do it sometime between October and March. A Texas summer is just cruel and unusual punishment!

  50. Katie Armour Post author

    Chelsea — Confession: I had to google Dominica. You just made my day. It’s so little and so far away! Love that you read my little blog : )

    Mae — Another Philly reader, love your city’s pride.

    Sharon — What a sophisticated high schooler you must be! Love visiting Los Angeles and glad you’re a fan of SF too. Welcome!!

    Jillian — Googling “historic district of lakeland, florida” next! It sounds just darling! So glad you liked our engagement shoot, it was such fun.

    Jennifer — I have two blogging friends that went to St. Mary’s and have heard much about the beauty of South Bend. Who knew I had so many readers from Indiana? I love it!

    Leslie — So neat! I’ve never been to Minnesota, but have family there. I hear the winters are rough, we’ll have to find you lots of cute coats for the holidays : )

    Jessie — So many cool southern belles! I envy you all. My hubby loooves Austin and I’m dying to visit. Eager to see Memphis someday too! Welcome : )

    Danielle — Doesn’t matter if where you are is plain, just what you make of it, right? I grew up in a small town on the central coast of California, but it’s grown on me. Traveling always helps! xx

    Sheila — I remember you! I was a freshman when you were a senior : ) What a small world, so touched you’re a reader! Oh and love Santa Barbara, I grew up in San Luis Obispo.

    Sarah — Mississippi! Now that is southern!!! May I please come visit you someday and drink mint juleps? I have such fantasies of becoming a southern belle (though I fear I am far from it!). Welcome friend! xx

    Joanna — Get out! THE Dabney Lee of the fabulous home accessories and stationery? If so, I adore her and you are a lucky lady. Something tells me she’s lucky to have you too : ) Thanks for saying hello!

    Lauren — That’s my girl! I need to add you on Facebook, this is ridiculous!

    Jennie — Ohhh good to know! We’re thinking Christmastime so it would definitely be cooler. I have two dear friends in Houston and have heard wonderful things. Thanks for introducing yourself!

  51. Emmy

    Hello dahling! I’m writing from Long Beach, CA (please don’t hold it against me!). Just moved back home after a three year stint in Houston, TX. Your blog makes me ridiculously happy, thank you for that. :) Have a good night!

  52. kate

    Kate here from a couch in Norman, Oklahoma. Love your blog, and I’m totally envious of your California weather. It’s just beginning to cool down around here.

  53. Katie Armour Post author

    Emmy — Hold it against you? Long Beach is a beautiful place to be! If anything I’m envious of your weather! Thanks for saying hi : ) You’ll have to tell me about your years in Houston sometime!

    Kate — So many readers from Oklahoma, this is great! I think it’s absolutely beautiful out there. We passed through so quickly this summer—I want to go back for a visit!

    Jane — Palm Beach, oh la la. Have long wanted to visit the land of pink and green : ) Welcome!

  54. Sandy

    Sandy in Dallas, Texas! look so forward to reading your blog every evening. I have two darling pugs of my own and just love the pics of your Alfred.

  55. mia

    hallo Katie!
    discovered your blog when I was living in London but now am back home in sunny Sydney, Australia. Greetings from the southern hemisphere!


  56. Katie Armour Post author

    Kristie — Mr. Armour visited Mobile last year and said the homes are all so handsome and that I would just love it! Any fellow fan of Absolutely Beautiful Things is a friend of mine : )

    Sally — Two pugs?! I am so jealous! I think I may invite all my pug-owning readers to send a photo in for one big Proud Neo-Trad Pug Owners post! What do you think? Perhaps I’ll announce it tomorrow…

    Mia — London and Sydney?! You are one jet set girl! I love England and am hoping to make it to Australia someday soon. You’ll have to fill me in on where to go when I do! xx

  57. Samantha

    Hi Katie! I’m here on e. 89th St. in Manhattan.

    I only recently discovered your blog, but its become a daily read!

    x Sam

  58. Katie Armour Post author

    Saori — Japan!? Wow. Somewhere I have always wanted to visit! So glad you like the engagement photos. I’m touched! xx

    Karey — Miami is supposed to have a fantastic art scene, but sadly I’ve yet to visit Florida. Someday! In the meantime enjoy the weather for me, won’t you? Thanks for introducing yourself! xx

    Samantha — Another UES girl, love it! Do dine at JG Melon in my honor! I went there for the first time when I was last in Manhattan and was immediately taken by it’s kitchy watermelon decor. Too cute! Thanks for saying hello!

    Julia — Boston is such a brilliant, historic city. I came THIS close to going to Boston College for my undergrad. Always wonder “what if…” Welcome to my little blog!

    Stephanie — I once dated a boy with a summer house in Gloucester and have heard MUCH about it : ) You’re a lucky girl. xx

    Kiri — Get out! I didn’t know you’re from Westport! Love it there. Dovecote is one of my favorite home boutiques in the entire country (if only I could afford their inventory…sigh). Thanks for saying hi, as always : )

    Robin — Appling is SUCH a cute name! I wish I could tell people I’m from there ; ) Thank you for introducing yourself!

    Angela — Thank YOU for reading! I’ve heard Idaho is beautiful, but have never made it up myself. Makes me think of Hemingway…that’s a good thing : )

  59. Sarah York

    Sarah from Santa Cruz, CA. Love your blog, Katie! Also, congratulations on your recent wedding! I got married just a couple months ago, and love being a newlywed. Also, Your engagement pictures were adorable!

  60. Piper

    Such a great idea Katie – I may have to ask the same!! It’s so fun seeing where all your readers are from!!

    I’m from Cleveland, Ohio :)

  61. Kit

    Hi Katie…It is Kit…from the beautiful, scenic Jersey~Shore…not the train-wreck they show on MTV!!! No trashy bars…beautiful beaches ready for me and Grady (my son), & Krimpet (yellow lab) to wander and collect sea~glass.

  62. Katie Armour Post author

    Thank you everyone so much for saying hello! This has made me realize how many fun cities I’ve yet to visit! I’m going to have to refer back to this post when we vacation so I can contact my fellow Neo-Trads for travel tips! Love you all dearly! xx

  63. Tracy Jo

    montecito CA – 2 long blocks up from the pacific ocean (butterfly beach) and just south of beautiful downtown Santa Barbara – sitting in my ‘treehouse’ apt part of the historic Olive Mill – I call it that since out every window I see trees, greenery and sunshine! love your blog :) I’m not far from Alameda and could definitely give you some great tips over a cup of tea!

  64. Patty

    Hi Katie!
    I adore devouring your blog on a daily basis – you share such lovely, insightful & inspiring things!!
    Sending much love from beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada…oxo

  65. Michelle

    Hi Katie,

    I am an Australian girl living in Beijing, China. I have been enjoying your blog for a while now. I stumbled across your blog quite by accident and am very glad I did… you post such an eclectic mix of beautiful things. x

  66. Katie Armour Post author

    Tracy Jo — I love Santa Barbara. I actually grew up in San Luis Obispo and miss the central coast dearly. My grandmother has lots of friends in Montecito and they always go to fantastic estate sales. Your ‘treehouse’ sounds like perfection!

    Chedva — Isreal, now that’s a first! Mr. Armour and I want to visit someday. It’s on our bucket list! Thank you for saying hello!

    Elise — I need to get back to Missouri. You’ll have to tell me where to visit!

    Patty — Thank you! I have a good friend in Vancouver and am longing to visit. So glad you’re a reader : )

    Christina — Zurich is magical! I lived in Lugano (down in Ticino) for two years. How I miss Switzerland! xx

    Alex — I’ve yet to visit Syracuse, but my little brother almost went to school there so I’ve heard much about it. I bet there are fantastic flea markets and such nearby, lucky you!

    Michelle — You may win the award for the most unique being an Australian in China! So glad you’re a fan. I admire your adventurous life : )

    Ann — A fellow Californian. I need to get back to Texas and explore more. I always here such wonderful things!

    Melissa — Okalahoma, you can’t get any more American than that, I love it! Welcome and thank you for introducing yourself. I love your beautiful state : )

  67. Laura

    Recently stumbled across your blog and loving it!

    Reading from Stockholm, Sweden (originally from Missouri).

  68. Katie

    It’s Katie from Adam’s Creek, North Carolina, I live on the on a farm overlooking the intercostal waterway!! I’m a “Southern Proper” kind of girl. I love you!

  69. Shari

    So glad I found your blog!

    Shari – from Sydney Australia – currently sitting in my hotel room Long Beach CA. USA. I’m lucky to be a Flight Attendant.

    Go the Pixie Cut!

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