Girl Crush

She’s smart, beautiful and talented—who doesn’t have a girl crush on Natalie Portman?  Mr. Armour and I once stood behind her in line at the Angelika and she looked like a million bucks without a stitch of make-up.  Plus she had on a truly fabulous coat.  Yup, I’m a fan.

(images: Marie Claire)

20 comments on “Girl Crush

  1. Kit

    I adore her! So does my 6 year old son…she plays Padme in Star Wars I, II and III.
    She is a natural beauty, and just seems like a lovely person.

    xo Kit

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Kit — SO cute that you little one’s a fan. She’s universal : )

    Amber — Funny you should mention it, I remember she ordered a vegan cookie at the snack counter and I thought, she’s beautiful, talented and vegan?! I wish I had such control : )

  3. Emmy

    I second Kayla, she’s smart and perfect. I just about died when I heard her speak Hebrew for the first time in an interview. SO cute!! Love her.

  4. quintessence

    Can’t beat beautiful, talented and smart. Love her hair long – very pretty. And love the Angelika – lived in SoHo for years and the Angelika opened right after I moved uptown. Film Forum was great too.

  5. caroline

    I remember when this issue came out!! One of my all time favorite articles. I absolutely love Natalie Portman and it is safe to say she is my girl crush as well. Simply gorgeous and she had brains as well! xo

  6. Christina

    Yes. Absolutely. She is an amazing actress and a natural beauty. You’re so lucky you got to see her in person. The boy and I recently spotted Kim Kardashian in an airport shuttle.

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