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Just came across Kate of All This Happiness and find myself absolutely smitten with her fashion adventures.  These shots in particular with her bright lipstick and head scarf are simply too cute for words.  Do you, dear reader, have freckles?  I do, though not nearly as many as the lovely Kate here.  I think they add such charm!

10 comments on “All This Happiness

  1. just a girl

    I used to read this blog and then fell off the wayside when she didn’t post for a while. I’m so happy she’s back! I love the way she writes and dresses. And, she loves cats, which totally doesn’t hurt in my book.

  2. Lena

    That first photo is just stunning! I always hated my freckles as a kid, but my John thinks they’re adorable. And besides, there’s really no hiding those suckers, so I might as well embrace ’em!

  3. kater

    Oh my goodness, thank you! This is just so lovely!

    I used to hate my freckles but, you know, they’re not so bad! Like little summer face friends!

    Thanks again, from one Kate to another :D

  4. Brooke

    I’ve convinced my children that freckles come from kisses. They wonder how my mother had that much time to kiss me! “She even kissed you on your knees???”

  5. Kirby

    shes stunning! I have freckles but not like hers. mine are those freckles that come out in the summer when I get sun. I have never ‘tanned’ I get freckles and turn a shade of nude pink.

    xx kirby

  6. Susan

    She’s beautiful…like snow white! I am just as fair skinned, but have red hair, and yes, freckles! I’ve always wanted all over freckles like some have…love it!

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