Neo-Trad Muse: Mimi Weddell

I am in absolute awe of these photos of the late great Mimi Weddell—actress, model and hat collector.  The famous New Yorker (who you may recognize from her role in “Sex in the City” or ad campaigns for Juicy Couture and Louis Vuitton) was known for her grace and poise.  In fact, New York Magazine voted her one of New York’s Most Beautiful People at the ripe old age of ninety!  I’m dying to see this documentary about her.  Talk about growing old gracefully!

12 comments on “Neo-Trad Muse: Mimi Weddell

  1. Natalie

    LOVE. I have an old Italian Vogue with page after page of shots of her apartment, which as you might imagine is strewn with the most magnificent mess of stuff. I’ll have to dig it up and scan the photos for you if you haven’t seen them already. XOXO

  2. Corinna

    “the only romantic thing left in life is a hat!”

    loved watching through the clips of the documentary! we can all learn from her about living with more joy and individuality!

  3. Kit

    This is why women should embrace aging and do it gracefully…rather then try to hide it! Mimi is a true role model of elegance and beauty.

    xo Kit

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