Rubber Stamps

I have a confession to make, try though I might I am not crafty in the slightest.  And yet, these rubber stamps from Paper Source are too cute to resist!  Wouldn’t the peppermint be charming on a plain notecard for thank you notes during the holidays?  Or the vintage flatware for a dinner party invite?  I may just have to roll up my sleeves and give it a go!

Are you crafty?  Any tips for a hopeless cause like myself?  What do you like to create?

17 comments on “Rubber Stamps

  1. Heide

    Anyone can be crafty! I love all sorts of crafts. I know Paper Source has classes, Not sure if you have one near you. I made all of my Christmas cards one year with Stamps, an embosser and lots of glitter. It was so much fun. You have to try it.

  2. Heide

    I will have to scrounge one of those up and take a picture. They were beautiful. I am hoping to “create” something for this christmas as well. Of course it will feature my Pug, Claire.

  3. Lena

    I spend a whole weekend at the end of January making Valentine’s cards-I absolutely love it! Everytime I go into Paper Source, I literally feel week in the knees.

    The flatware set might just be my next purchase. After the airmail stamp.

  4. Kirby

    these are great! and if you’re not crafty then getting blank stationary cards, rubber stamps and ink pads are a great way to start on your affair with crafting. it adds a personal touch too, which is always appriciated.

    I’m totally crafty. although I don’t craft as often as I would like. good luck! and can’t wait to see what you end up with!!

    xx Kirby

  5. Vivian

    Katie – I’m so not crafty. If it takes too much time or steps I’ll start but never finish. Paper Source is SOOO fun though! And I learned one of the best things there from an S.A. You can buy ANY stamp, ANY paper color, and ANY ink color – if you use a special embossing powder and this lil super hot blowdryer thingy and all the stamped images come out raised and glossy. Looks much more special and professional! I’ve done baby shower cards, envelopes, and Xmas cards with this technique. Love these stamps you’ve chosen. I’m particularly loving the teacup stamp! Those would be so fun to make a little invite for a Ladies Tea Party.

  6. D. @ Outside Oslo

    As a child I loved rubber stamping, and these are tempting me to revisit an old childhood hobby. I love the bicycle with basket and the Eiffel tower. So sweet! It seems like this set has a stamp that could create a card for virtually every occasion, from birthdays to party invitations to thank yous to missing you.

  7. Sara

    Papersource is such an inspiring and how-to craft store!
    My new craft has been making cards for birthdays, thank you, etc.
    I get some fun stamps and then use a gold or navy blue ink/glitter on pink or red paper and then use the embosser. I have a vintage bettle, birds nest, feather, vintage chinese symbol and vintage foo dog stamps. But the best stamp i have is my married name written out by my wedding calligrapher, i use this as my personal stationary.

  8. dancingbranflake

    I’m not crafty either! Whew, makes me feel better that a fabulous person like you is a little bit like me. Love those stamps though. I would totally use them on party favors.

  9. Kate

    I try but I tend to fail at new projects… I have to do them multiple times to nail them down! I really want to stock up on adorable rubber stamps and some blank stationary though and go to town with my holiday and birthday cards! You’ve just inspired me even more…


  10. Lauren

    I have a roommate who knits me unbelievable christmas presents every year and makes her own soap so compared to her…I pale in comparison. But I do like to get crafty – I made chai tea sets for my whole family last Christmas, anything with photos is fun and I re-did my coffee table last year…SUPER easy, you could totally do it! With your thrifting talents, I know you could revamp some killer furniture :)

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