The Little Things

This old school Kate Spade advertisement arrived in my mailbox today (I found it on ebay) and it makes me so happy.  It’s one of my favorite campaigns and I’m eager to frame it.  The house with its white picket fence is pretty much my dream home : )  Yup, it’s the little things…

(photo via my iPhone)

18 comments on “The Little Things

  1. Victoria

    All your posts from lately, which I have missed for luck of reading time, make me happy too!
    The stamps, the pretty dream house, gorgeous fashion and inspiring woman…. thank you for such lovely posts…
    Just today I purchased some old cute handbag from France. On Etsy!
    Don’t we love the little things?


  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Quintessence — I don’t know how shot it! It may be Tim Walker, but I can’t seem to find out for certain…

    Amanda Rose — I just searched “Kate Spade advertisement.” There aren’t very many available right now and usually they aren’t the more current ones : ( If I find an extra copy of that one in one of my magazines I’ll email you and snail mail it your way!

  3. Amanda Rose

    Wow, thanks Katie, for the search tip and the offer. If you manage to get your hands on one, I’d be happy to return the favour with a bit of UK whimsy.

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