My new favorite piece…

I recently received this l-o-v-e-l-y bangle courtesy of Emily Elizabeth Jewelry and every time I wear it the compliments pour in!  I just adore its classic yet organic design and warm gold finish.  I think I may purchase a similar bangle for my mom for Christmas and wouldn’t the headband be fun with a pixie cut?!  So many possibilities!

(image via my trusty iPhone)

21 comments on “My new favorite piece…

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Allison — I’m glad you like it! People seriously comment on how pretty it is every day! Love that the prices are reasonable too—keepsake jewelry that won’t break the bank! xx

  2. Sarah Lou

    I think you should do a post on pixie cuts! I just recently got one, and LOVE yours. You could share some styling tips and cute accessories. :)

  3. sharon trinh

    i love the bangle and the head band! i think i might just get one for myself. & it works wonderfully with that lovely ring of yours (; ohh, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a ring version of the banlge! ahhh, too cutee! have a happy day (:

  4. colie

    while i do like the bangle, i was way more excited about the Blueprint magazine on the desk! Man oh man do I miss that magazine. It was perfect!

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