11 comments on “Flower Girl

  1. Kirby

    They can totally be a fashion accessory! I love picking up a fresh bouquet at the corner market and walking home with it. after all, don’t you ever wonder who or what those flowers are for that people are carrying around? It’s one of my favorite things to do!

    xx Kirby

  2. Arianna Belle

    I absolutely love these photos! When I first saw one of them in Lucky magazine I immediately searched for it online so I could save a copy in my inspiration file. Was happy to find 3 different shots! :-)

  3. Kendall

    i love this. i bought myself some flowers this week (not because my boyfriend isn’t amazing and doesn’t buy them for me) but sometimes i just like to brighten my own day with a bouquet. but i’ve never walked around town with them! must try it sometime.

    love your blog by the way :)

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