Loving Lyn Devon

This spring/summer 2011 collection by Lyn Devon may just be my favorite of the season.  I am absolutely smitten with her take on the modern American classic.  Bows, polka dots and patent oxfords—what’s not to love?

(via Simple Song)

9 comments on “Loving Lyn Devon

  1. Mariel

    Can that red dress (and yellow dress and windowpane trench dress) just jump into my closet already? It’s amazing how the designer has made such simple pieces so stunning.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Mariel — I know what you mean! Each piece is striking in its simplicity. Love!

    Simply Cathi — Me too : )

    Hip Hip Gin Gin — I have my eye on that blouse as well, too cute!

  3. Ashley

    How lovely! What I wouldn’t do for the red polka dot dress and the chartreuse pleated dress/skirt. Any idea on the price? I want to know so I can start saving for this budget-busting spring collection.

    Thanks for sharing!

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