Milly Manor

How fantastic are these shots by Traditional Home of Michelle Smith’s design studio?  I am a huge Milly fan (suprise, suprise) and the very sight of the colorful fabrics makes my heart sing.  Do you remember Michelle’s apartment on the cover of Elle Decor?  It’s one of my all-time favorites and happens to have been decorated by my aunt, Shaun Jackson (yup, she’s pretty much the coolest aunt a gal could ask for).  Oh to have such style!

13 comments on “Milly Manor

  1. Piper

    Ok, that’s too cool – you’re like decorating royalty :) Don’t you want to work in her studio – all that light and color? So inspiring!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Mackenzie — Thank you! I used to work for my aunt back east. SO much fun!

    Piper — Hardly royalty, but I do like to think it’s in our blood : ) And yes, I would love to work in Michelle’s studio! xx

  3. Lena

    What an absolutely divine space (and, not surprisingly, such amazing color)! I can only imagine how inspired one would feel in a studio so divine.

  4. geri

    i am sooo enjoying your blog katie! i love the variety of subjects that you provide for our enjoyment everyday. i am amazed how accomplished, driven and successful the young women are of today. the use of networking is in and of itself hard to fathom. i must constantly remind myself that you are twenty four years old. you seem so much older. i was married, barefoot and pregnant (ah the seventies) at your age! i just know that wonderful things await you honey. congratulations on your wonderful blog. may it open many doors (and windows) along the way.

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Geri — I just teared up, you are too kind! Barefoot and pregnant is not a bad thing to be, I can’t wait to have lots of bouncing babies someday : ) It certainly is a different world though… Even five years ago I never would have thought this blog possible and yet, here it is and how many wonderful people (like yourself) I’ve met as a result! Thank you for reading and commenting. You made my night! xx Katie

  6. quintessence

    Just LOVE Milly. I went to the spring show (don’t know if you saw the post) and had the best time. Michelle’s collection has such a great vibe and caters to women of style of all ages – wait til you see the spring coats! Your aunt is very talented – must have been a fun project. Can’t wait til the NY store opens!

  7. Katie Armour Post author

    Quintessence — I did see it on your blog and was SO envious! I completely agree about her collection catering to all sorts of women. It’s universally chic : )

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