Unabashedly Prep

I absolutely adore the “dress code” photo series on Unabashedly Prep and this young lady in particular never fails to impress!  Aren’t her ensembles the epitome of traditional-with-a-twist?!  I’m especially loving the plaid, tweed and metallics in the last look for fall.

9 comments on “Unabashedly Prep

  1. Julie

    Sarah is so pretty!! And what great style she has! I just saw that last photo over on UP today and thought she looked so effortlessly put-together.

    Such a great post, Katie!!


  2. Kit

    I just love anyone who stays true to their style…she is timeless and so chic.

    xo Kit

    ps still teary eyed from the vows…you are truly an enchanting couple. xo

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