Bon weekend!

Thought I’d bid you adieu this weekend with this silly, whimsical goose.  Don’t the orange beak, gold jewelry and coral bikini make for a lovely palette?  Who would have thought?!  This weekend I’m having dinner here (the menu looks scrumptious!) with some girlfriends and going to this music festival with Mr. Armour.  I’m especially looking forward to hearing the Avett Brothers sing—I bet they’re awful dreamy live.  What do you have planned my dears?  Time travel, hopscotch, a Jane Austen filmfest?  I’d love to hear… xx

(image: fabio bartelt)

16 comments on “Bon weekend!

  1. CEO

    Sounds wonderful……. we have family in town so it should be action packed. Maybe a trip to the Pasadena flea market.


  2. Kirby

    what a yummy coral bathing suit! No definte plans for the weekend. My Fiance has some friends in town and thats about it! enjoy your weekend love!

    xx kirby

  3. Connie

    So cute!!! I’ve been meaning to try that restaurant, so report back & let me know what you think… Also, I think we need to have that Jane Austen film fest! :)

  4. stephanie

    going to see the new wall street movie with the hubby and the brother (met my hubby through my brother =) two handsome dates for me.

    have fun!

    p.s. really loving seeing your wedding photos. beautiful and timeless. two of my favorite things.

  5. amy

    Great photo– and your weekend plans sound fab!
    For the first time in many moons, my mister and I have nothing planned for Saturday. It feels wonderful. :)
    I’m going to head out on the town Sunday with a friend to start taking photos for a street style blog we’re launching. I can’t wait!

  6. Lauren

    Ooo Elvis Costello is also playing at that festival. Have a great time! I love the Avett Brothers. This weekend I work on Saturday, but I have Sunday night off to celebrate my sister turning a quarter of a century. We’re going to go look at the leaves changing (again!!!) and have a family dinner. I hope you and all your readers have a safe and enjoyable weekend, Miss Kate!

  7. Deanna (Silly Goose Farm)

    I think I need to incorporate that picture into my website somehow – it is “Silly Goose Farm,” after all!

    Your weekend sounds like a blast! Me – running after two kids under two, landscaping, updating my all wardrobe, and cleaning out my office closet (to get to the treadmill, to drop the last bit of baby weight so I can fit into aforementioned new wardrobe). Have a blast!

  8. Victoria

    Sounds wonderful, enjoy every minute. We are off to hang out in Brooklyn, Bedford Ave, for some sightseeing and shopping! I ams rue we find a lovely place to eat too!


  9. Katie Armour Post author

    CEO — I’ve yet to visit the Pasadeana Flea Market and am dying to do so! One of these days… If I do, we’ll have to get coffee before/after : )

    Caitlin — Oh my gosh, it was DELISH!! We’ll have to go sometime!

    Mariel — I love bluegrass too! We heard lots of it in West Virginia last year!

    Kirby — Have fun with the boys! Don’t you just love saying “fiance”? I did!

    Connie — Flour + Water was scrumptious! And yes, we must have a Jane Austen filmfest. I am in love with the 5-hour-long BBC version of Pride & Prejudice.

    Lena — Will call you today! xx

    Stephanie — Have fun on your date with the boys! I want to see that movie because Carey Mulligan is in it!

    Ariel — I know, I can’t wait to see them tomorrow! : )

    Amy — Sometimes no plans are the best plans! And a new street style blog, I can’t wait!!

    Lauren — Happy birthday to your sister!! That sounds like a lovely way to celebrate!

    Deanna — You must use the photo for your farm ; ) What a busy weekend you have planned! I wish I had little ones to run after!! Someday : )

    Victoria — Have fun in Brooklyn! I always wish I’d explored it more when I was living in Manhattan. Next time…! xx

  10. marni

    the colors in that photo are scrumptious!
    have so much fun seeing the avett brothers!!! i don’t think i’ve ever witnessed so much energy at a live concert!
    enjoy xo!!!

  11. Libby

    Heading to “the National” show that is playing in Indy this weekend. Hope you enjoy your concert, I know Im going to be enjoying mine!

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