Boutique Dreams

I often stumble across the sweetest things in my Facebook newsfeed and Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s Gus & Ruby Letterpress is no exception.  The facade and new signage on their Congress Street boutique makes me weak in the knees, not to mention they carry all of my favorite paper companies!  Mr. Armour and I love to stop in Portsmouth en route to see his family in Maine…I can’t wait for our next visit!

Do you share my daydream of someday opening your own boutique?  What would you sell?  Someday : )

16 comments on “Boutique Dreams

  1. The Prippy Handbook

    I love Portsmouth and I always stop there on my way to Maine, too! Look forward to checking this pretty shop out on my next trip. I feel like having a bluberry beer downtown somehow sets me into vacation mode.

    Boutique dreams are the best…

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Prippy — Love that you love Portsmouth too! It is the cutest. Something tells me if you opened a boutique it would be pretty much fantastic : ) !!

  3. Jillian

    Loving this storefront! If I had my own shop, I’d make it part paper goods & craft supplies, part home accessories, part all-organic cafe & coffee shop — kind of Paper Source meets Anthropologie meets Le Pain Quotidien. (Can you tell I’ve thought about this a lot?!)

    P.S. My husband is from Maine too! There’s a shop in Portland called Folly 101 that is beyond adorable and seems right up your alley. Ever been?

  4. Lena

    Too charming! Can you imagine how much fun it would be to have a little letterpress shop? I’m absolutely swooning over the Christmas decorations in the window.

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Jillian — I love it!! You must do it someday! I will shop there, promise : ) I haven’t been to Folly 101 yet, but read about it and a shop called Blanche and Mimi on Katy Elliott’s blog and am obsessed! We aren’t going out for Thanksgiving this year (it’s a bit harder now that we’re in California) and I’m so bummed. Hopefully next spring!

    Lena — I’m with you! I just wish it could be the holidays already! I’m a sucker for Christmas carols and the like : )

  6. Style Maniac

    oh, I’ve decorated the boutique store of my dreams a million times … but in reality, don’t know that I’d want the overhead and obligation to be there every day. I’m very grateful for the stylish store owners that do all that hard work, though, and regularly mix in local purchases with my online shopping, even if it costs more, because I feel a eclectic boutique mix is essential for a vibrant downtown.

  7. Kirby

    I love stoping into paper boutiques! I’m a sucker for a good card to send to my mom or a friend.

    I think it would be lovely to open up a little bridal boutique one day. Brides could come in and play dress up in beautiful gowns, fun hair pieces and vintage jewelry!

  8. Brandi

    Well, mine might be a bakery more than a boutique, but I don’t think anyone would mind strolling to my place in the afternoon for some macarons or rustic fruit dessert. Oh, Katie, if you knew the plans I had…

    I do adore the blue on this storefront. I’ll have to remember that.

  9. Elizabeth Rose

    I’ve dreamed of one day owning a book store. Old, new, doesn’t matter all books open new worlds….Plus the shop would be decorated with stain glass windows and old maps. Aww if only little fantasies could come true!

  10. quintessence

    Love the shop front – and the name. If you like letterpress, however, you MUST check out Sugar Press – I covered them last month and they are truly amazing!!

  11. Sarah York

    This store looks so delightful and European to me. Love the blue!
    I would love to own a store someday… Just a little shop, very cozy, selling paper goods, curiosities, clothes, kind of Anthropologie-esque, but on a smaller more intimate scale.

  12. GusandRuby

    Hooray!! Thank you so much for your lovely post; totally made our day. It’s meeting people (like YOU!) that makes having a little shop the best gig ever. :)

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