Better With A Bow

These new Maryjane Bows by the stylish ladies over at Marais USA are bound to be my go-to shoes for fall.  The beige and black combo in particular made me weak in the knees — Haley and Catherine can do no wrong!  Is it just me or does everything look better with a bow?

19 comments on “Better With A Bow

  1. Kate

    Those are adorable! I’d die for a pair of blue ones. My wedding shoes had a big ole bow on them that kept popping out from under my dress – definitely fun!


  2. Jessie

    Love these! Feminine and functional – perfect. And a welcomed change from my daily Revas!

    Jessie //

  3. Amy

    Ohmygoodness, perfection! Saw these earlier and am waffling between the beige/black and the plain black, hmmmmmm… The sooner I make a decision, the sooner Monsieur UPS arrives at my door. ;)

    In two weeks’ time should we all send you pics of our bowfabulous tootsies? Hehe.

  4. Aleesa

    oh my gosh, looove these! and i would have to agree with you, i am a firm believer that bows make everything that much cuter!

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Amy — Yes, anyone who buys these should send me photos!! I’ll post them!!

    Haley — Well you are my hero so we’re even. Keep up the good work lady! xx

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