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I picked up these natural curiousities at the flea market yesterday and am having such fun deciding where to place them about our apartment.  The vintage bottles are so delicate and lovely while the large murex shell and cauliflower coral are each close to a foot wide!  The piece of amethyst I actually bought in Arizona this past summer (it has a permanent place on our lucite coffee table), but the brass “golden” eggs are a new addition (love their organic shape and the grouping of three).

What are some of your all-time favorite flea market finds?

12 comments on “My Collection

  1. Brandi

    Beautiful finds, Katie! I haven’t bought too much at the flea market in the past (mainly because I would need a place to put my finds which I don’t quite have at the moment), but I always love walking around and looking at all the fantastic things people are selling.

  2. AbbieBabble

    I have a love affair with Pyrex bowls, and you can get the best ones at the flea market- I think at this point, I have seven big mixing bowls. I’m not allowed to buy any more!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Brandi — You’re far more responsible than I am! Every time we move it is a bit of disaster schlepping my things…you’re a smart girl! xx

    Abbie — Pyrex bowls?! I love it! What a fun thing to collect, especially for a gal that can bake like you! xx

  4. Kate Collins

    It was so great meeting you yesterday! I think you were my best flea market “find.” Ha ha. Hope that didn’t creep you out to have a fan recognize you. I’m so happy with my foo dogs – I’ll have to send you pics. Lets do coffee!

  5. StylishBird

    Everything looks great! I’m having coral envy…I should picked up a big piece while we were there. I realized I have big empty spot on my mantel just begging for an enormous piece of coral. Next time!

    It was so good to see you and meet your hubby.

    x A

  6. Lauren

    a stunning 100% silk tangerine saree with a raspberry colored diamond print in the traditional Gujrati style which happens to be the region of India my boyfriend is from. Would have cost hundreds new…all mine for $20!

  7. Katie Armour Post author

    Kate — We must do coffee and I was touched you said hello! The foo dog lamps were amazing!

    Jenny — Thank you!

    Amanda — I’m so glad you were there! Next month we’ll find you that coral!

    CEO — Ohhh 1960’s now that sounds fabulous! I think we need to see pics!

    Lauren — Tangerine with raspberry diamonds?! Gorgeous. Love that it’s from your boyfriend’s home turf too. What a find!

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