Girl’s Best Friend

Thought I’d kick off your Tuesday with these darling photos of Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor with cute pups.  Our pug, Alfred, is a total momma’s boy and it makes me feel so loved.  Do your pets have a favorite?


13 comments on “Girl’s Best Friend

  1. Sarah@goingstarfishing

    Nellie is curled up on the couch with me at the moment, but i have to admit, her favorite is whoever is feeding her the next meal!
    Oh, how I love my days with my girl… she is such good company in the studio!

  2. Becca

    My boy-dog, Peach, loves my husband the best and our girl-dog, Abby, loves me. Our cat Fat Albert prefers me, and our cat Bernice prefers the hubs–it works out well :)

  3. Vivian

    Our Chloe is a total daddy’s girl, and loves to flirt with all her “uncles”. But since I’ve been home this past month, she’s gotten pretty attached to me. She’s my snuggle buddy. :) Makes me want to get get a B&W pic done with her!

    xx Vivian @

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Sarah — Alfed and Nellie must meet someday! He is my constant work companion as well : )

    Gwen — Oh course they love Lucy! : )

    Heide — Claire is such a cutie. I just know she and Alfred would get along swimmingly! xx

    Becca — Sounds like you have the perfect balance! I wish I had that many pets!

    Quintessence — That’s too sweet. I love labs. 90 lbs, wow, you have a big boy on your hands!

    Casey — I know how that goes! You’ll get one eventually and love it to pieces!

    Vivian — That’s so sweet! Alfred is my snuggle buddy. You should have portraits taken with her : )

  5. geri

    our lanie is definitely a mom and dad kind of baby! although i spend the majority of time playing ,walking, grooming and just generally doting over her (which she loves and can’t get enough of), she does love
    when daddy gets home from work. i can’t imagine life without her in our lives. she is a constant source of love, companionship, and entertainment to us! she is a sweet and goofy 3 year old, 70 lb., champagne labradoodle !!!

  6. kate

    Oh, I love these photos! Thank you for sharing! My dog, Cookie, is my snuggly buddy… She’s asleep under my arm at the moment. Makes a great elbow prop, she does. ;)

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